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  1. I will not "Fret",The "Key" to this is when you get "Plucked" off your horse, is to "Saddle" up try again.Guess I will cross that "Bridge" when I get there. I am not "Pinned" down to one guitar and will "Pick" another. lol Good bunch of people over here! Thanks for yor help!
  2. benc


    That is beutiful!
  3. I just didnt realize it was that easy to do, I might have made a mistake sending it back.I don't know, just really bumed out over all this. live and learn.
  4. For all replies thank you for the advice and the way you would do things if it were you in this situation.Zomby I do understand where your coming from doing it yourselfe,this is my first good guitar and I guess (for the money) I just want it to be better than all that was wrong with it.Looking for a good one and being able to hold it in your hands is probably the way I will go, unless this one grows on me.
  5. Zomby, it was also low on the high E string. Looked like someone had filed the nut slot too low.Honestly I should have gone to a differant vendor.It had to be a return and resale item that maybe they didnt catch all that was wrong with it when it was returned,don't know if they would knowingly resale one in that shape. I could still return it, don't like the blem on the back.Probably will not buy onlie again, would be nice if you can hold it and strum it.
  6. I said I would do a follow up on the J35 that had a gap behind the saddle in the bridge. I sent it back for replacement. The new one is here and the top is not nearly as good as far as silking but the action is good and a good tight fit on the saddle.The back has a cosmetic flaw about 2-3 inches long. Looks like some kind of clamp mark,not sure? It doesn't sound as good to my ear as the other one. From what I have been reading a bone saddle and maybe TI strings would help the sound.Would taking the element out and removing it out from under the saddle make much differance in sound? Any other advice to help tone? Thanks
  7. benc

    Pics of j35

    Yea,that looks great. Wish mine would have looked like that. It's really hard to buy online it's hit or miss.I did ask if it was a return and they said that it was a new guitar.With that saddle filed that way and the high e string so low.........I dunno! The high e string at the nut was really low looked like it was filed to low. thanks for posting
  8. benc

    Gibson J35

    I have to say that this guitar did sound good and had good tone,I just didn't want to deal with what it might take to get it right, with it being a new guitar.It had a killer topon it.
  9. benc

    Gibson J35

    I have made arrangements for it to be sent it back for a replacement j35. I will post how things turn out. Thanks everyone for the help.
  10. benc

    Gibson J35

    Yes, it is leaning forward. More than the picture shows.
  11. benc

    Gibson J35

    Thanks for all the help, looks like I have hacked this thread up pretty bad the way I have posted. I posted a couple of pics at the top of this page in the original post. What do you think of the gap behind the saddle?This was sold as brand new.
  12. benc

    Gibson J35

    Thanks for the repply, It's not bad on the pin, the end of the saddle itself had been filed,that along with the pin made me think it might have been sold and returned and resold.I never thought they had done a set up before they shipped it.I am asking this because I know nothing about doing the set up, I had read somewhere to use a quarter at the 12th fret and this is a lot higher than a quarter(coin) Also the saddle is leaning forward and has a good size gap behind it.
  13. benc

    Pics of j35

    Had to resize pics.
  14. benc

    Gibson J35

    I just orderd a j35 and the low e string is 6/64ths and the high e is 2/64ths from the top of the fret to the bottom of the string. Capo on the first fret and hold the 14th fret the fingerboard is 0 clearance. It looks like some file marks on the extreme end of the bridge and one of the pins looks like it has been buggerd up a little. I would like to know your thoughts on the setup as well as the other issues. Thanks for any help http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu326/doiou2_photos/gibson%20J35/20140327_084708.jpg http://i660.photobucket.com/albums/uu326/doiou2_photos/gibson%20J35/gibson3.png Thanks for the help guys, I might get in touch with the online dealer and request another guitar. I posted a couple more pics. What do you think about the gap behind the saddle?
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