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  1. 490R neck pickup, likely from a Les Paul Custom since it's gold and they came with 498T/490R pickups. It's definitely not a 57 because they don't have the Gibson logo engraved bsaeplate, they have a plain base plate with either a black PAF sticker on the older ones or a white label on the newer ones.
  2. Picked up a new Traditional Pro V satin mahogany today and these are the pickups in it. They sound decent I'm trying to find out more to these myself. I've read that they are offset coils with an underwound neck and overwound bridge. The bridge sounds a bit hot to me, so I'm thinking these are a BB1 & BB3 set with alnico V magnets instead of A2. Anyone know for sure?
  3. $2,000-$2400 is the going rate for a used R8 plaintop. $1500 sounds weird. Worth looking into, but take your time and make sure. You never know, you might get lucky. But probably not.
  4. Don't remember where it came from, I bought it from a guy on Harmony Central. He had pulled the Shaws and sold them previously, but here's another pic of it with Duncan Antiquities (I've tried a few different types of pickups in it).
  5. I just did some mods, looks a tad different now.
  6. If you're familiar with Peter Green's out-of-phase tone, then it makes sense. People going for the Peter Green sound are going for that thinner out of phase tone. Its on purpose. Mine is not a PG modded faded, but it is brighter than most LP's because its chambered and so light. Bright and airy, open sounding. Which I think is the big appeal of these faded models. I also have a solid 11lbs Norlin era '81 custom when I want the big grunt.
  7. Dunno, I took it to a friend who is a guitar/amp repair guy and he threw the parts on for me. He did make a comment that the aftermarket bridge looked like it was set up to go on backwards. honestly, I didn't think it mattered as long as the saddles are positioned for proper intonation.
  8. Overpaid for it because for some reason these are going for more than they should and you don't usually see flame this nice on them. I added aged WCR Godwood/Crossroads, Bourns 500k pots, Orange Drop caps, Faber aged lightweight hardware, and did a light polish on the top. Its chambered and weighs 7lbs 3oz even. It's an '08 I got NOS, but does have a blem on the back (QC issue) where Gibson left a blob of stain and didn't wipe it so there's a smudge.
  9. You're right, I stand corrected. I just checked the Music Zoo's site and they have new '11 and '12 models that have 01XXXX2 and 02XXXX2 for the SN#'s. In that case, it all comes down to the type of certificate - large orange paper if its an '02 and small black book if its a '12.
  10. Its a 2002. If it was a '12 the SN# would be 120392 The first two digits of the SN# indicate the year the guitar was made. The last digit represents the year being reissued. The middle three numbers are the production sequence of that model for that year. Also, the 2002 would have the larger orange paper certificate and a 2012 would have the newer small black book style. I just sold an '02 myself last week, below are its SN# and certificate.
  11. The first two digits of the SN# indicate the year the gutiar was made. The last digit represents the year being reissued. The middle three numbers are the production sequence of that model for that year. EXAMPLE: 071232 That SN# would be the 123rd 1962 RI made in 2007. I've owned a four of these, from years '00, '02, '06, and '09 and all had the Les Paul truss cover. But I've heard sometimes they did not, probably just an issue of what Gibson had on hand? I don't know.
  12. At the moment 2 Or 3 I guess, if you wanna get technical
  13. One piece bodies, especially on a Les Paul, are not common. Add to the fact a lot of people here claiming their production LP has one, and I'm skeptical. One piece, one found, are usually on a higher-end model - especially with current production guitars in this time when good wood is getting harder to source. I think there are a lot of people who think they have one piece because its matched well and they don't see it when looking. Some might get lucky once in a while, but IMO there are far too many people in this thread with recent production guitars claiming one piece. I say well matched instead.
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