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  1. To the contrary, I replaced them with Duncans, a much hotter SH-5 Custom bridge, and a 59 neck along with Bourns low friction pots and Orange Drop caps. The stock Tradbuckers sounded pretty darn good, but I like using Duncans. Just curious as to what they actually are, I have heard they are burstbuckers.
  2. Still wondering. And does anyone from Gibson interact on these forums? Can they chime in? I measured them: Neck: 7.64k Bridge: 8.68k
  3. 490R neck pickup, likely from a Les Paul Custom since it's gold and they came with 498T/490R pickups. It's definitely not a 57 because they don't have the Gibson logo engraved bsaeplate, they have a plain base plate with either a black PAF sticker on the older ones or a white label on the newer ones.
  4. Picked up a new Traditional Pro V satin mahogany today and these are the pickups in it. They sound decent I'm trying to find out more to these myself. I've read that they are offset coils with an underwound neck and overwound bridge. The bridge sounds a bit hot to me, so I'm thinking these are a BB1 & BB3 set with alnico V magnets instead of A2. Anyone know for sure?
  5. Its worth what people are willing to pay for it. Given the current market and availability of similar guitars, I'd say the whole limited edition collectibility doesn't mean much and you could probably get about what any other similar used guitar is going for. And that color is pretty loud, seems people love it or hate it so you'd have to find the right buyer at the right time.
  6. I'm looking at a guitar that appears to be a 1996 JP sig LP, but it's missing the original case and certificate. Is there a way to verify that this guitar is a JP by the serial number? SN# 91276454 Thanks!!
  7. That's a 1985 Gibson Custom Shop Q-200. It was designed by Chavel Jackson when he worked for Gibson' date=' ebony fingerboard, P90 and dirty fingers humbucker. There's a whole Q-series with varying pickup configs. Here's a couple more. [img']http://www.vintage-stuff.co.uk/images/cshop.gif[/img]
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