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  1. Yeah, I haven't been there in ages. I don't remember them being big on Archtops. I've been wanting to get back there for a while now to demo some amps, so it might be worth looking into.
  2. Hey everyone My Father had second thoughts on selling this for awhile (pulled the listing last year,) but he decided to just do it since he's not playing it..if anyone is interested, the L5 is on Reverb. Thanks https://reverb.com/item/807025-gibson-l5-1963
  3. Thanks. Yeah...we'd like to, but we're just outside of Buffalo NY....which is way on the other side of the state.
  4. HI Thanks for the input. The Guitar Center offer wasn't what we wanted and knew it wouldn't be. It's my Father's guitar, but he does not use the internet at all so I'm doing this for him. He's an old school Bop player and guitar teacher and he's just fine with that. He did want someone to look at it and at least get an idea for a starting point. GC took more photos and some black light ones as well....along with verifying the pickups and all the original hardware etc...in the end it was a low offer from LA (over the phone as we're from NY.) The guys in the store thought it would be more and still think LA will call him...but we think the offer will still be too low. It was cool to see everyone in the guitar department wanting to get their picture with it though. While I've bought and sold my my gear on ebay for just over 15 years now, this is way out of my comfort zone for ebay. I've sold my custom PRS, Mesa, and Diezel gear there, and while those items are not exactly low end...this is a much higher and riskier sale. He bought this guitar from one of his students in the late 70's / early 80s's. I think a partial trade for his S400 too. The serial number is: 61572. Anyway, he just plays his Johnny Smith now and would like to let this one go. He also wants to take some of the proceeds from this guitar and buy another Johnny Smith, ~ 65'-80'. He will get some more close-up pictures, and I will post them here later when I get over there (I have to get them off the camera for him.) If anyone is interested here, or has any questions feel free to message me and I'll give you his phone number. Paul
  5. Hi all...new to the board and wanted your opinion on a guitar. We listed on craigslist (ignore the asking price, we only put that to avoid extreme low-ballers.) I know the guitar is worth a lot though. We've been contacted by a lot of dealers...including GC, who wants it for their LA vintage guitar shop. The appointment with Guitar Center for their offer is tomorrow, and I don't want to let it go for too low of a price...hence this post. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It's in very good condition...here's a link to the ad for pics... https://buffalo.craigslist.org/msg/4388875485.html Thanks!!
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