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  1. exactly. the price is mad, and i don't see why. although,yes.. a white version of the guitar wouldnt hurt
  2. Almost double the usual price. What made it 800 bucks more expensive? Is the anniversary inlay made of mammoth tusk? Shouldn't the PLEK service make it cheaper since a lot of paid craftspeople aren't encumbered as they used to be? ..unless I'm missing something again. Oh and the sound of the v died with the overused pickups.. I get that a lot of you folk like them BUT THEY ARE OVERUSED AND OVERRATED
  3. Building one sounds like a great idea actually. May I suggest putting those metal coat hangers to use? Line them up in a thick bundle to match the flying v's inner body thickness, then add another layer for support. Use black vinyl tape to hide the metal, get some black velvet that's thick enough for the bundle to be put through . Drill some hooks into an already existent stand at the desired hight, there we go. Although it's probably too good to be true, but why not try? What have you got to lose?
  4. I don't want to bash anyone's taste here, but if you prefer EMG's, there's a lot less reason to buy a gibson other than the brand name. I agree with another post here, the 500T and 496R are the best of the best for explorers. Nobody hate me for this, but I also like the dirty fingers pickups that Gibson make. They're perfect for playing metal without calling it metal (if that makes at least a little sense)
  5. woah. That tips the scales in my knowledge of guitar sales so that it all makes sense. so THATS how limited runs are completely intangible to me. you gotta tell me what to do if i dont live in the States :( theres not a single gibson retailer in my area so i can only shop at international-online dealers. which kind of really sucks. on a positive note, ITS FUNNY YOU MENTION LZZY HALE BECAUSE I LOVE HALESTORM that fine explorer would make a great guitar lineup
  6. just as i thought. http://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-GIB-DV120-LIST it only comes in ebony, w/ burstbucker pickups. they dont show the quantity in stock so its seriously very fishy.
  7. what the..? how is that even possible? IS that even possible? could a guitar be released before gibson even hints of it in their website? or is this an off chance that it could be fake because of the demand? i mean lets face it, the rock/metal scene is kind of creeping back slowly and thats what guitarist kids are into but seriously, i thing its a fake, or something really fishy is going on here.. unless it's one of them pre-order thingimijigs
  8. limited run, more like "watch it go out of stock in 15 minutes" run. seriously, I can only get a Gibson guitar out of the internet or when im travelling. so limited runs are intangible to me :( so they wont release any standards this year? that would REALLY suck. I've been craving the V for a whole year now
  9. always loved my tuners so i never got familiar with that part of the market, sorry,. as for 2) if you dig enough into the internet, youll find the only true answer: only you can pick up your pickups (see what i did there? :D/ ) you should pick the ones that you truly believe sound better. '57s are popular clearly when they are heard. if you put them both together, play the two tests together through the same conditions, youll know exaclty what youll want. (i personally dislike '57s, dont kill me guys!)
  10. i had the exact same thought! if the fingerboard was at the least a black polymer coat, that would've been great! but it looks like a signature model, so mr. Small must prefer it that way i guess though, that comment about the Min E-tune fitting a V headstock. it makes so much sense! that probably the main reason! but it cant be too hard to figure that out, can it? recently epiphone finally caught up with the Min e-tune concept, and they make more Vs than gibson does. this could mean the odds are in the favor of V players soon hopefully!
  11. oh heck yeah i could agree to that, man. I think gibson does this thing where they build demand before releasing a new V lineup, so they discontinue it then wait. But honestly i think its in quite high demand already. I've been saving my cash for a V the moment a new one is released, with all this fancy shmancy PLEK business, I believe it would be a good idea. im sick of seeing les pauls EVERYWHERE
  12. the Flying V is not listed in the products section anymore. Does this mean it'll be reissued again soon? Or did they just remember they stopped making it for years? Will it be long until the next batch comes to exist?
  13. "Dream" Les Paul.. Haha that's like going to take a while for a lot of people, including myself. As for a regular Les Paul, I got mine only two years after playing! It was a Les Paul studio 60's tribute so I got it only 4 years ago. This guy accidentally bought two of them off amazon and so a friend of mine (an incredible pianist and former music shop employee) connected us as he knew I had a Yamaha EG-112 used before I even played it. Long story short, I bought a les Paul studio 60's tribute for just 600 bucks in mint condition. Lucky, eh? Hope you'll find what you're looking for
  14. I'll tell you something guys, if one guitar was better than the other to everyone, for instance, if everyone liked Gibsons more, Epiphone les Pauls would not be so mainstream. Few would know it even exists. But it's clear that there's a huge community for both sides. So yeah, there are pros and cons for each which keep both brands on top of the market.
  15. Oh, alright. Thanks man (or woman, idk)!
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