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  1. Anyone know if Gibson is still using pcb's on new SG's. I am thinking of getting a 2011 Natural Burst SG but what to know before buying.
  2. Cool. I'm glad they added the maple cap. Maybe all the stores are getting rid of there old stock first or maybe they didn't get the memo.
  3. Try out a Les Paul Studio Faded. The Faded studio's have BB Pro's and does not have a maple cap like the non faded Studio's.
  4. Did you end up switching to the 57 Classics? If so how do they sound in comparison to the 496R/500T?
  5. Does it play good? If so I wouldn't change a thing.
  6. Currently Low E 2 mm high E 1.5 mm .10 strings I have tested with my action as low as 1.5 mm low E 1 mm high E but it is allot easier to get fret buzz and I feel the tone suffers. Didn't like it. I also had it set as high as yours and loved the tone but it was harder to play. What I currently have it at works best for me. Good tone and playability. This is close to what Gibson recommends and I agree with them.
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