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  1. I love your advice, thank you M. I will play for a few days and maybe take it to a luther to see how much it will cost to fix all these stuff. I feel accomplished because yesterday I played the Slow blues song perfectly! It only took me about 1 hour or so. Wasnt hard. Another question. How do I get good sustain? I want to do that Still got the blues by gary moore Sustain with the notes. Long long note hold, how do I get it on this Les Paul? Because I tried yesterday pushing as hard as I can and doing vibrato didnt really help. The sound disappeared in 3-4 seconds. Thanks guys!
  2. Big Update guys. BIG BIG update. Received my Les Paul Custom Pro yesterday. Plays pretty good. But there are a lot of QC issues. After each 15 mins or 30 mins of playing, it will end up out of tune. Not just a bit, not a few strings, but most of the strings except for like E or B string will be fine. Yesterday I played some chords for a 15 mins? Then I set it down, took a nap woke up to an all out of tune guitar....except like i stated E string or B. Then there are huge buzz noises on the lower E string. M friend was a more experienced player, and he adjusted the rod for me, and it still rang on the E. He looked at it and the frets are uneven. The plastic pickguard was poorly cut, one of the corners was dogeared and flared up. Overall guitar looks good though. Overall impression, not great. I dont want to go to a luther and fix this, because I paid straight 600 for this...kidna disappointed. Maybe I will try a Gibson LPS VG for 999. Comes with free case..
  3. Been playing for a month or so. I know the first 2 pentatonic shapes, and been playing around with some jazz/blue licks. Its super hard to play them fast, close to impossible. been playing around bending some notes, and literally scraped skin off my fingers. I been trying to play some of the major chords, but some chords are so difficult, i have to literally spend 3 mins arranging my fingers to get the chord right, and even then, my fingers are all touching all the other strings that I am not supposed to be touching. I can learn all of those no problem, just takes time, but switching from a chord to another in fast succession is close to impossible. I am picking up my Les Paul today, it sounded great in the store, and I am so excited to have it today. I will play till I die!
  4. Hey guys, I just want to ask if theres difference in sound quality of a cheap cable and an expensive cable. I have one of those free cables that came with my starter kit amp and guitar a while ago. I just bought a new AMP by Fender, mustang 1. I am wondering if changing cables mean anything at all besides durability. If so, which brand and spec will be appropriate for a small in home play? I just want a good sounding cable thats all. Clear sounds. Thanks in advance guys!
  5. Hi there, First thank you all for your inputs. It has been so tough. I am a passive kinda guy, the first strat I got, I didnt even play at all at the store before I had bought due to the great things I have heard about it on forums. Also I didnt know how to play guitar. I dont know how to play anything, not a chord, not a song, or anything, so I thought it was silly to try to play it. Second time around when I ordered the Les Paul I tried alot more guitars, because my friend was there and was teaching me a few chords to strum to make it sound awesome. I did that same pattern on a few guitars. On my hand the Telecaster by fender actually felt more comfortable than anything I have held in the store. However, its got that twang I hate. Les Pauls neck feels fat and somehow due to its gloss, its not as smooth/fast as the satin necks. I got it anyway due to the variety of sound it could produce and the sound it makes, but they didnt have the color I liked so I ordered it. The sales person was nice, but they were kinda looking at me weird trying all these guitars to be honest. I would go with the standards but they didnt have the split coils that allows you to switch from humbuckers to single. I think I am going to try it for good straight day or two, and make the final decision. But the sound on the Les Paul to me, was mesmerizing...
  6. I understand that there are Standard, Standard pro, Traditional Pro, Custom, Studio, Tribute, Prophecy, Ultra III, etc. I want to hear some of the differences, because their prices ranges a bit. But I am particularly interested in Standard Pro, Studio, Prophecy. Do all 3 of these have Split coils? The one I bought was 599 out the door with no case. I was wondering how do I get the best bang for my buck since you know, I listened to some youtube comparison and literally theres no difference in a Standard 399+ to a what I got Custom Pro 549+ guitar. Also really digging the studios, the wood is beautiful. thoughts?
  7. Hello Folks, I been trying to find a similar thread so I wouldnt have to ask it here, but I couldnt find any. So please bare with me! I am a beginner, self learning Electric Guitar for a bit over a month now. I am starting with my GF's F10 ESP starter set guitar. The strings are hard to play, bend, you name it. The overall sound is also very metal, as it should be. I went to guitar center and bought a Fender Strat. However, did not like the bridge position at all. It was too twangy and intruding. I went back to GC and tried a Les Paul, and dang. I was in LOVE. So Les Paul it is. Now, the question comes down to which of the Les Paul to get. Because there are so many Les Pauls in different models. I already ordered a Les Paul by Epiphone Custom Pro in Alpine White (arrives in a day or 2). I have read everywhere that it basically is the same as the Les Paul Standard Pro, and that it is just aesthetics. So I might end up saving myself some money and get a Les Paul Standard. I really dig the split coil knobs, that gives me the options when I want that sharp noticeable tone. I was thinking about the Les Paul Studio for a bit, and may even splurge on the Gibson LBJ for $999 from what I hear at the store, they say its a steal. From folks here, it seems like the higher end of the Epiphone are better than the lower end of the Gibsons. I cant play anything yet, but I love me some Jazz, blues, and some R and B, soft Rock. Nothing too hard. Any recommendations as to what Guitar I should take? All I hear are really the semi hollow guitars that seem to be rocking on this board, but I myself want an Electric Les Paul. Please guide me my fellow guitarists!
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