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  1. That is my next move is to send the pic to support and see if I get any answer about it
  2. The neck is solid I just see it as odd for a gap like that
  3. I know that about the mahogany bodies the customs are like that. I just seen posts of people asking so I just thought I would confirm it for them. My concern is the gap in the neck joint I will have more pics up tonight.
  4. I just bought today a Zakk wylde custom epi Les Paul cameo finish. And as I always do I check them over when I get home. The guitar sounds great and resonates like crazy. Oh and in my check no the new ones don't have a maple top it's an all may agony body. Any how I found this in the neck joint It is a gap between the neck tenon and the body and it runs all the way to the heel it seems from sliding a string up in it till it stopped Has anyone else run into this before and should I be worried. Any help would be great
  5. Congrats man I love my classic as well they sound so awesome
  6. Thanks and it did remind me of an R8 when I bought it part of why I bought it as well
  7. Hey everyone just wondering how to adjust the gain boost up and down on my LP CLASSIC. I KNOW YOU USE THE TRIM POT but which way is up ad which way is down? Thanks in advance
  8. I thought of doing the Holy Grail mod as well but just decided to keep her the way she is. There is nothing wrong with the holy grail mod it would be cool to do it.
  9. Very nice mike. I like the tops being a little more plain.
  10. No the metal jack plate was on it when I bought it new. yours looks nice with the second tone pot as well. I like the gain boost so I wont mod it to the tone pot.
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