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  1. Although I haven't playing long, I bought my Wildkat mostly because I thought it was cool. After struggling with the tuning and getting GAS after seeing and trying out a Epiphone Les Paul '60 Traditional Plus. My Wildkat went to a new home and the LP sits in the Wildkat's place. I like the Epiphone guitars because of their value. If I were not on a budget things might be different. At my level of playing I just can't justify spending the kind of money for an equivalent Gibson Les Paul. It wouldn't make a difference that would be noticable. That being the case, I do woodworking for a living
  2. Thanks! That isn't too bad at all. Could I put a Bigsby on one if I wanted? I think the red is super sweet! Jay
  3. What kind of price are they asking for these. I will start socking money away for one. Jay
  4. I might be wrong but I believe the shape of the magnetic field makes the difference? Just a guess really. Jay
  5. What did you use to clean it with? I had mine in the sun this afternoon and noticed the film on mine too. Jay
  6. I was thinking about this guitar last night and one of the thoughts that entered my noggin was that, isn't this going to be a Riviera Custom P93 but without the Bigsby and one less P90? Jay
  7. I am getting the Epiphone news bit e-mail notices and I saw in there some of the new guitars and the amplifier that Epiphone has for '14. Was wondering what your thoughts were on the Casino Coupe? I think that it looks pretty nice. But I don't have a lot of Casino experience. Jay
  8. What guitar is he playing in that video? I think that I must have one Jay
  9. I am a new 1960s Tribute Plus owner and I love my guitar but I am very new to playing. I bought mine because of the following; the Gibson pickups and better wiring, the size and comfort when I play it, the neck is slim and feels faster, the sound and sustain, and the bang for the buck. My guitar was made in 2013 and the price did not go up on it this year. If I had ordered a new one it would have been over $700 (after taxes). They are a lot of guitar for the money and they are not hard on the eyes. I would buy again if mine were lost or stolen. No regrets. Jay
  10. I do know how to solder (15 years in the electronic industry). Not really feeling the need to build my own amp just yet but maybe down the road I will. Jay
  11. So I ditched the Marshall MG30CFX and now I am a proud owner of a Fender Super Champ x2. It is fantastic! Thanks for the recomendations guys. I looked at a lot of amps over the last few weeks and I am really happy with this amp. Someday down the road if I am in a Beach Boy or Beetles cover band I may go back for a Princeton Reverb but for now I am very happy with the Super Champ and would highly recommend it for a great home amp. Again, thanks for the advice and direction. Jay
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