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  1. Great looking guitar....... ........I assume it's great looking. Pics??????
  2. I never complained that it's slowing me down. Yes, I have a teacher. Trust me.....I have a 1981 model Ovation Celebrity that I hate (wanna buy it for cheap ????) that I also practice with. I'm probably not ready for any guitar.....but that doesn't stop me from drooling over them. :)
  3. I didn't catch the grading of the two tops. I'm sure that accounts for a few hundred. One thing is for certain....I'd have seriously evaluate the guitars in person when....and if.....the day comes to buy an LP. Some of the Standard Plus models I've seen look as appealing as some Standard Premiums.
  4. I drool every time I see an LP Standard that looks like this gem: New-last year's stock: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LPNSTDPDBCH-13/sn106730398 I'm not understanding why there is a huge ( $ 1,000 ) difference for the current 2014 models like this one: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LPSP14TBCH-14 Would you expect similar price differences to exist a year from now when comparing new-old stock 2014's to the then current 2015 models ?
  5. Cool. Warm weather is what we haver here 8 months out of the year..... The documentation with this guitar showed it was manufactured just a few weeks or so before I bought it.......I guess there is still a great deal of curing time left. No worries. It's not like my hands fly all over the neck.
  6. Sounds like a plan. By the time it's nicely worn in.....my skills should be greatly improved and heading in the right direction.
  7. Awesome picture. Super nice gear, too. You were up an running with a great arsenal.
  8. It's been really interesting reading everyone's responses. Great stories.
  9. I'm a new player just getting started along with my 14 year old son. We've had a blast thus far and have enjoyed playing. We started him with a Squier Stratocaster HSS and I started with an entry level ESP LTD EC that had their cheapest active pups in it. I quickly lost my fondness for the tones produced with those pickups and went ahead and sprung for a new SG Special. I'm very glad I did and am 100% certain it was the right move for me. I'll always have a desire to own this SG. Great feel and sound.....versatile pickups.....looks that make me grin every time I take h
  10. That sounds great. I'll keep it wiped down....my hands clean.....and practice my butt off. Sounds as if everything will get sorted out properly in due time. I'm really smitten with this guitar. I bought a new Peavey Classic 30 the week before my new SG arrived at the dealer. My first guitar (now sold to pave the way for this SG) had entry level passive pups. They paled in comparison to how sweet this SG sounds with this amp. I just finished my 4th lesson on Friday and as you can imagine I'm still learning the very start of open chords and chord progressions but in my free ti
  11. Gorgeous LP. You'll love this one forever.
  12. New SG owner....new player.....loving every aspect of my SG (2014 Special). Just had questions about the neck finish. This thing looks awesome and sounds great. I love the pickups and range of tones I can get from this guitar. I can't believe how stable it is in staying in tune when compared to other guitars I've dealt with. Every couple of sessions I may have a one or two strings need a very minor tweak on the tuning button and it's dead nuts on again. Anyway...the finish on the guitar is also very much to my liking. I think it will wear nicely and look great as it does so.
  13. I"ve been wondering how to best proceed with my new SG ,too. I have some of the Grolsch pieces that certainly do stretch over the factory button.....and they hold the strap on very well. They are a pain to remove every time I want to put my guitar back in the case, though. I put the Dunlop Straploks on my son's Strat and also on an ESP I used to own. They worked great, but I can't see them working on an SG (too much extension backwards from the neck base.....unfomfortable). I bought the Dunlop version because that's what they had in the local shop. I'll look around f
  14. I'd love to see any pics you have of this interesting guitar. I've never seen one in person but am very intrigued by the design. It appears to be a very versatile performer and looks great in my opinion.
  15. Change of plans, here. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My son and I are both going nuts over this Peavey Classic 30. He's badly wanting a tube amp now, too. I fear that his Mustang III may be going on ebay and a Orange Micro Terror coming his way soon for his bedroom. I tried one in a store recently and was very pleased with it. It is doubtful that I ever spend another minute on anything solid state.
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