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  1. Larry I really like the pure open honesty in your songwriting, The message in the lyrics is so true. Nice recording as well. Good balance between instruments and the vocal is nicely up front like it should be. I realize that much will change in the final mixes as it always does but it's a solid foundation for sure. You are so right, studio work is hard and often frustrating because unlike live where you can't go back, it makes you see your errors or open up new possibilities to make a song or track better on the next take.
  2. Dennis............ I have always found the D41 and D45 to be excellent instruments. Definitely deliver in the studio and on the road. That was a good decision to get the D41 and the EL-OO I hear is a nice comfy instrument to hold and play. Enjoy them both and keep on making music
  3. My new designed made in Austin Texas Calton is very light in weight because of the materials used in the shell construction. The basic retail starting price for a dread style guitar is around 995.00 I am positive that the Hiscox cases are very nice indeed, well worth the money spent I'm sure. One of the many reasons I bought the Calton was because it's latches presented no damaging issues and are NTSB approved. The bad thing for me is when I bought mine the chip was additional, now it's included. I think another really good brand is called an Ameritage ? Not sure of the spelling. Superior also makes a Fiberglass shell weatherproof case for around 200.00 that are not bad either. All of these exceed what Gibson provides for their instruments.
  4. Mikeo, you are correct, very expensive custom hand built instruments should have a Calton in my opinion. Or any guitar that you have a serious bond with and believe it would be very hard to replace if something bad would happen transporting. When you order a Calton you give them your exact dimensions and they make the padding inside to fit your instrument perfectly. Total length, lower bout, upper bout, waist, depth on lower bout and upper bout, neck width and length, ect. They are waterproof and virtually bullet proof due to the carbon fiber and fiberglass shell design. as you said, it can also be special ordered with the option of one with an RFID chip so it can be tracked if it is stolen or lost by the airline / bus/ train, whatever. As well as many outer and inner color choices. But then you should get a lot for what they cost. I just figured that since my SWD is my most cherished instrument above all my others I needed to be sure it was always safe. Especially when I'm traveling or it is being handled by a crew
  5. I decided to correct the sharp latch problem by purchasing a Calton case. A bit pricey but I felt my SWD was worth the protection. http://www.calton-cases.com/ I have always thought these were the best one can buy but I'm sure there are many other very good alternative choices available as well.
  6. "Am I the only one here using PB 12's Elixir? I've found Bronze 80/20 wayyy too bright for my 2009 standard." I just put the Elixir PB 12's on my SWD. First impression is they are "darker" sounding then the 80/20's or it could just be that my ears are so accustomed to the tone of the 80/20's that it might take some readjusting my ears to their tone. Not that they sound bad in any way, just a good bit warmer (again darker) maybe ? Since my SWD has a balanced sound from low to high with a pretty tight and punchy low end to start with it may just be that the PB's make that seem more pronounced. Of course they do need to break in a little but with any type string in my experience, once "broke in " they all lose some luster and chime to my ears. Guess that's why I change them all a lot. One odd thing is... the PB Elixir's don't feel quite as "slippery" as the 80/20's even though they have the same coating and that seems a bit strange. But there is my first impression on those.
  7. I have the Spectrum DI Aura pedal. My experience is after I downloaded the 5 Gibson SWD images the one that delivers the best stage sound for me is the Neumann U87 image. with the Aura pedal set at about 40% along with the Fishman Prefix Plus T system in my SWD I am very happy with it's pure natural acoustic tone. With a bit of stereo chorus mixed in and the SWD through the Spectrum first then through an Avalon preamp then to the board. Takes a few minutes at sound check to get it perfect but that rig get's the job done night after night ! I love the Spectrum.
  8. Yes those ebony buttons look very nice. I have seen them on e-bay, however since I spent three tours in the 11th Cav in Vietnam I can't bring myself to buy anything from that country. Too many bad memories for me, too many bad experiences. but that's just me.
  9. the new SWD 2016 progressive has them also. http://www.zzounds.com/item--GIBSSCDP I kind of thought you added them since I knew they weren't available from Gibson as stock in 2009 on a SWD. Apparently Gibson Montana is going to be putting these things on a good amount of Gibson Montana's fairly soon. I think they should make it as an option but Gibson has spent a ton of money developing these things and they are being installed on a bunch of new electric guitars out of Nashville. It is good to know one can switch them out easily with no damage or alterations to the headstock these are the Grover's I have on my SWD....... With these tortoise buttons the gold plating won't wear off from turning them when tuning. They also in my opinion look really nice with the rosewood headstock overlay.
  10. JimmyBoy, I have a new set of Elixr PB 12's here to try as the next set I put on my SWD. I will post the results after I give them a try. That is a beautiful SWD you have there. Did you add the automated tuners or were they factory ? I personally don't care for them a lot but that's a personal thing. Some players do, some don't.
  11. Thanks HNS !!! I swear by this guitar. I'd also like to add that playing and recording with my SWD through the Fishman Aura Spectrum DI pedal creates just beautiful natural tones as if it were being mic'd by some of the most expensive studio mic's this world has to offer. There are six images available in the pedal that were created by using an SWD with each of these mic's properly placed in front. This pedal interfaces with the Fishman Prefix Plus - T system built in to the SWD really well. The other advantage of this pedal is you get that great mic'd tone but with no outside noise invading your signal. The Fishman Aura Spectrum DI Great pedal for use with the SWD in my experience. I don't plug in without it, period I use D'Addario EXP 11's or Elixr 80/20 nanoweb strings ( if you can get used to the slippery feel) almost exclusively but I found that John Pearce 610LM set works well and are easy on the fingers. Haven't tried Martin strings on it yet but may give them a try sometime soon. I prefer 12-53's personally for the slightly punchier volume and low end response. Don't care for mediums much, too heavy a gauge for me
  12. I have a 2014 SWD EC and compared to all the other Dreads I have which would be a Dove, Alvarez, Martin and a Epiphone Masterbilt DR500, I have to say that the SWD EC is my absolute favorite. Because, it's overall balance from low to high is just superb. It's dynamics, projection, articulation and responsiveness is as good as it gets for me. I realize that one can play 50 of the same exact model guitar and only find maybe one or two that he or she can bond with and I found the one for me. The nut width, rolled edges, 12" radius feel just right to my hand. For me personally... it is the best looking guitar I have ever seen. Not overly "Blinged Out" so to speak, but just right. I really like the Mustache bridge, the pickguard shape, the abalone rosette and the crown inlay in the headstock along with the split inlays in the fretboard. Mine has a beautiful AA grade Sitka top with a lot of silking, little to no run out and was perfectly quatersawn. Checked that by the woods grain being perfectly straight up and down on the sound holes inside edge. I've been playing guitar since 1954 on a daily basis so I have a little experience with them. Never thought I would own a Gibson acoustic that would be more cherished than my others but this SWD just out plays and out shines them all in my humble opinion. Below is my SWD EC.... it has Tortise tuning buttons, bone saddle (Colosi) bone nut (factory) Custom Songwriter Deluxe truss rod cover ( personal touch) bone string pins ( from Custom Inlay ). in conclusion... I absolutely adore this particular instrument. I would be proud to be a member of a SWD club.
  13. Without question one of the very finest and most gifted builder/repairman on the entire east coast You will never regret sending him any kind of restoration/repair/ upgrading Mike Forrester http://www.forresterkustoms.com/
  14. Thanks Hogeye !! That's an excellent answer to my question. I read somewhere I think that the original version was the CL which I believe stood for Custom Line ? Of course I could be wrong on that below is a picture of a 1997 Gibson CL35 and it sure looks like an earlier version of a Songwriter Deluxe EC
  15. the Gibson MSRP was on the Songwriter Deluxe when it was first introduced in 2003 ? The reason I'm asking is I was curious as to how much it has grown since that date. I just saw that it has gone up 299.00 since this years models as well as 2014's models. Either the MSRP or the street retail price in 2003 is fine.
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