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  1. . . . a few minor changes from stock (amber switch tip, dark amber volume/tone knobs, poker chip removal)
  2. . . . . another new guitar! Wow, Epi just keeps 'em coming. The Les Paul ES is a new release modeled after the 2-3 year old Gibson version of same. A few key differences - 60's slim taper-like neck, genuine Grover 18:1 tuners, poly finish and, of course, Epi pups and electronics. And, at about 20% of the Gibby's price ($600 vs $3000)! Similarities include full ES construction (maple ply top, bottom & sides, center-block - looks to be only to the bridge rather than full length, 24.75" scale, weight about 6.5-7 lbs. The ES is also similar to the Epiphone Les Paul Florentine release of a few years ago - differences are mainly in the body construction - the Florentine has a carved mahogany, semihollowd out back with maple top. Kinda like a Gibson Cs-336 vs Es-339. Looks very similar from a few feet. I've tried the Gibson version at various retailers over the years but could never get comfortable with the thick necks - really wanted to own one but could never pull the trigger. I've actually owned many flavors of Gibson & Epi ES-339s, ES-335s and even a Gibson CS-336. My favorite tone machine for my playing (soft jazz, 50-60s blues/rock) is the '335, but at a height of 5'7" they are just too large for my frame. The '339s fit better and were a close approximation of the tone I was looking for, not all the way to the '335s fullness, but close. The Epiphone Les Paul ES is perfect! Small, lightweight, and with every bit of ES tone a '339 brings. To me, and a few friends who have helped me compare, they are indistinguishable in sound (played clean, slight tube break-up, neck and/or both pick-ups). Never ventured into high gain as that's not my style. I have found a new #1!
  3. No access to a traditional Casino, but on the two es339 p90 models I've measured, neck pickups are about 7.8, bridge 7.9-8.0, on my Casino Coupe measurements read about 12 (K ohms, measured in guitar). To my ear, the CC sounds just a bit mellower on top!
  4. . . . . . so I walked into a local Guitar Center yesterday and found two ES339 P90's, one Cherry, one Pelham Blue. This one followed me home! Luv these things!!
  5. After further analysis, I also believe the center block to be the same as the humbucker based Epi ES-339. I don't have one to make a direct comparison, but the block appears to be about the same size as a Gibson 339 (from what can be seen). The initial information came from a GC rep, logic being the block didn't need to be as wide as P90 soapbars mount with the center screws (sorry, my bad). I played this a lot during the past week or so, mostly through a '68 PRRI, and really, really like the tone- restrung with DR Pure Blues 11's (all nickel) and it presents a great vintage fat P90 tone with hardly any feedback. My lust for the Casino Coupe may be on the wane. I'm still not in love with the Natural finish and it's good to hear some of the other colors are now popping up. The ones on eBay are all refurb - Can't see paying the same for them as a new, warranted one.
  6. I agree on the color (colour) selection - Natural is not my first choice - maybe it's just a staged roll-out by Epiphone and the others will be available in time. That being said, I really like this guitar - the tone is fabulous, playability & workmanship very acceptable (and I own a Gibson es390, es339 and es335 for comparison). The 335 is still my absolute fave, but it's big & heavy. The new Epi 339 P90 makes me strongly consider selling the other two. And if the wine red one ever shows up in the states, I'll be all over it!
  7. For those tired of waiting for the much delayed Casino Coupe, GC, MF and a few others are now stocking a custom ES-339 with soapbar P90s and a modified (smaller) center block I just picked one up in Natural and will post some pics after I finish the set-up. Initial observations are very positive!
  8. . . . . quick pic with "traditional" pickguard
  9. Congrats - great guitar! I bought one about a month ago, added the nickel covers and a standard Gibson LP pickguard (elevated, bracket mount) - looks great, plays great, sounds great. I also purchased the same stick on pickguard as the OP, but decided to use the more traditional one. If you are interested, shoot me an email and I can save some wait time (d2@frontiernet.net)
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