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  1. I haven’t posted here in years, might be years before I post again. I know I am one of many here who grew up in a musical family, and was blessed to carry on playing into my generation and pass it on to the generation after. I am also one of many here playing an instrument that was played by a parent, I grew up listening to my dad playing his guitar, and it is the most important physical connection I have to him as he’s passed on almost 3 years ago. When I see it, I think of him, when I smell it, I can feel him beside me playing and laughing, and when I play it, I can feel the grooves on the fretboard that he wore down, I can see and feel the scratches and know he put them there. Even now it brings tears to my eyes, they are both happy and sad tears. I am almost 60, and so is my Dads guitar. Miss you, Dad, and thanks for everything, I’ll play a tune for you today.
  2. I have a 90's case with the pink interior which fits my J45 fine, plus it says Gibson.
  3. Are you talking about swapping it to standard bridge, or just the plastic saddle. Personally I wouldn't do it to a vintage '45 or '50 but that's my preference.
  4. g7 works on my 12 string, 6's and my mandolin, but I still use mainly my kyser
  5. I've always wanted a D28..still do, maybe one day!
  6. between learning mandolin and playing a Ibanez Mann LP copy that I restored (never played solid body before) I've been on almost every day. I got a roland micro br for christmas and what a blast laying down tracks and putting different styles together.
  7. betcha that baby has some boom to it
  8. Mine is adjustable bridge, has 'J45 ADJ BRIDGE' stamped on the cross-brace. I have played a J50 same years as mine ('59) with standard bridge and the difference I definitely prefer the sound of a standard bridge.
  9. you can still get vintage tuners, not sure that they would match as well as newer klusons. I think the newer wider klusons would look better on your custom vine.
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