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  1. Also CRT computer monitors can cause incessant hum. I even have an lcd monitor that hums through my LP if I'm sitting in from of the screen. Neon light signs suck.
  2. Really pretty Guitar, If it's sound body and neck wise. I would say probably in the 3k range. I know that doesn't sound like much, but sadly our Norlins don't command much unless really rare. If it had Humbuckers if might be in the 4k range in really great shape. In 10 years, who's to say.... 8 to 10? At some point they will be a lot more valuable. I'd keep it ... My rule of thumb, Don't sell anything.
  3. It could become a bit more valuable in time. I would send it out for repair and store it away, or play it.
  4. I have a '76 Les Paul with Classic 58's and I think it sounds incredible through a Sans Amp or a Rectifier. So IMHO it really just depends on the amp. I just wouldn't buy a hollow or semi hollow body due to the feedback.
  5. I would take it back to where you bought it and make the dealer ship it. If you bought it "Online", then you will have to ship it. "The Dealer or Owner must ship the instrument, freight and insurance pre-paid, to the nearest Authorized Epiphone Service Center." Warranty Text Don't forget to insure it....
  6. I wish there were someone from the factory that could verify this. I'd like to know if mine has been replaced on this 1976 Explorer.
  7. My '76 has Bill Lawrence Super Humbuckers aka "tarbacks" Gallery Specifications: Inductance 4.7 Henries Resonant Peak 5.8 Khz DC resistance 7.8 K ohms (at 1000 cps) Impedance High Two Active upper coils One Ceramtic Magnet (indox 7) Adjustable pole pieces Removeable pickup cover 2 point height adjustment
  8. Did Gibson index locate the nut, IE: Drilling a small hole in the nut slot that an index on the nut would align with to hold it in place? Does anyone have any info on what years they did this for historic verification. Thanks!
  9. It's a Typo or misinformation.
  10. Does anyone have legit numbers on how many 1976 Ebony LE Explorers were made? I have heard 104 total but that may include non LE models.
  11. I have always wanted a Victory. Had like 3 op's to buy one and passed due to being broke at the time. One day! ONE DAY!!
  12. The case is near perfect, I used a mixture of warm water and colorsafe bleach. Spent a good 30 minutes wiping it out just to make sure all areas got cleaned. Did a good hand drying and set it up in my bathroom with a space heater and a dehumidifier to make sure it get's dry. I think the Mildew was a result of what ever treatment he wiped the guitar off with, seemed to only get on the guitar surface, and where it touched the case. It didn't affect the Norlin warranty tag, or the cable that came with it. I'm just glad he didn't refill the humidifier in the case again.
  13. Well I've been going to town on it very carefully the past 2 days. As far as I can tell this guitar has lived in it's case for 99% of it's life. If you did know what to look for you would think it's a newer guitar. I think it cleaned of real good. Here's a photo link instead of bombing the thread. Before and After
  14. Thanks for the reply's and advice. I think I'm going to take your advice with the naphtha after a very gentle wipe down with soap and water. Fortunately there are no cracks in the finish that I can see, but I think I will just take my time and do it right. I have De-Oxit for the internals. I just hope the pups were potted well. I'm not sure what pick-up the 76's came with so that seems to be my only other worry, whether they are potted well enough to have avoided any internal oxidation.
  15. I have just acquired this '76 explorer. Seems it has rarely seen the light of day, and due to being trapped in a case has a white powdery film that is heavy in certain areas. Just wondering before I get to actual disassembly, any ideas on what to start cleaning off this white mess? I'm thinking mild soap and water with q-tips, and frequent drying. Anyway, just looking for real advise. Thanks.
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