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  1. I couldn't agree more
  2. Let me see if I understand the general consensus of this guitar. We now seem to pretty much all agree, other than myself...and my tech that has the guitar...that at some point in the guitars life the neck was removed by an unknown butcher(or more than just one?)and a few shims where placed in the dovetail joint, put back on and then the finish was touched up to the point that it equaled Gibsons original finish? if that was indeed the case, which I have every reason to doubt, the butcher should stick to finishing work. I know the crack in the side was a result of the tech removing the neck by putting pressure on th SM removel tool.I also know that it would be impossible to know that the neck joint had anything other than hide glue holding it on, which anyone would expect the neck to release when the threshold temp was achieved, this was clearly NOT the case. I also know with a near 100% degree of certianty that the neck had never been off of the guitar. Which leads me to believe this neck came from the original builder with the neck joint in the condition my tech discovered it. I also have every reason to believe this is a genuine Gibson guitar. I have held the guitar in my hands...a Lot...my tech has also had the guitar in hand..I respectfully disagree with the assesment here that the neck has been off the guitar, before this instance.
  3. Not likely, I'll wait and see how the repair turns out and the neck set goes....I can however say this. Unless a magician had the neck off my guitar before it left my hands it has never been off before. The finish was to natural for it to have been off. I don't care what anyone says...especially anyone that has never actually seen the guitar. And whats this about a cleat being put on all Gibsons beside the neck block? I have a 97 here and that doesn't have one. As for the crack in the neck under the truss rod, that's what can happen when the neck isn't on a guitar right and it juts up at the 14th fret...the first thing anyone would try to do is adjust the truss rod to take out some of the relief and without knowing Gibson ground out most of the wood to accommodate a poorly designed truss rod, it pushes through. I was as surprised as anyone here to see those videos when I came here this morning, and I wasn't expecting any love when I did see them..and I wasn't disappointed in that respect. If that neck left Bozeman like I see it come off my guitar and I have every reason to believe it did, all I can say is it could be anyone of us and you won't know it till you have to take the neck off of your guitar. I didn't come here asking anything of Gibson, nor do I expect to ever see them acknowledge that it happened, but it is what it is. I'm not going to hang around here and argue about this. I'm going to accept it for what it is and move on. You people have a good day.
  4. Thanks, as I said they can be hard to nail down...the more you do the more accurate you should be..or at least I would think so.
  5. ..Lol, I totally agree.
  6. I can only vouch for the guitar as I see it/know it. When I purchased the guitar it was in near pristine condition (with normal signs of play for a twenty year old guitar, nothing notable stood out) other than the barely visible parallel crack in the back of the neck under the headstock end of the fret board...and the slight upward sharp bend at the 14th fret which made the guitar have too much relief to really play comfortably....while attempting to gain some back bow by adjusting the truss rod the crack in the back of the neck worsened....That is what I sent the guitar...after watching many of the guitar techs videos, to him for the neck repair, this all has unfolded from there. note...by sharp bend in the fret board at the 14th fret I mean not really sweeping, but more of an abrupt bend but the neck at that time was still tight to the body and the finish did not appear to be cracked there.
  7. Point taken...I do believe we just rub each other the wrong way..unfortunate, but it happens...lol.
  8. I am hoping someone here with more knowledge about how to cipher out an accurate date with a Gibson serial number can date this guitar with a high degree of certainty....I truly do hope it is not from the Gibson Montana era...but the sound hole tag says it is. I used the same method to date this guitar as the one I used to date my 1997 CL20 Standard plus...which proved to be an accurate date.
  9. Understood, I thought the real-etate comment was a stab at our past conversation...since I was part of this conversation, I hope you see my point.
  10. Your right... it doesn't mean much,at least not to me. I was aware that the luthier had a Youtube channel, I was also aware that he doesn't video every repair he does,...not even close...I was not aware that Gibson had gomped up my guitar before they sent it out of the plant when it was built,Nor did I expect the neck to be off of it (but now I'm glad it did) but as it turned out ..that is what it needed to fix it. My point being, when I sent the guitar to Randy for a repair, it was for a crack in the back of the neck at the headstock end under the two way truss rod, and a setup to get some of the relief out of the neck to make it playable. I do agree with George W. in so far as the fact that in this day and age nobody or nothing is really private, the internet has changed that forever.
  11. Are we going there again? Back in the time I was referring to.....when some of those who post here were kids, go back and reread that thread. I wasn't referring to just J45's, I was referring to high end production guitars in general and Gibsons in particular. Sorry it went over your head.
  12. The serial number to the guitar in question here is.... 90883018 the model is a J45VS
  13. Although I didn't post these videos..I'm not sorry that someone else did. I'm also not looking for (nor expecting) anything from Gibson. I am not the original owner, however when I bought the guitar the issue with the neck that has been revealed would never have crossed my mind...not on a Gibson, I have lost much respect for the company, and it really boils down to a person or two IN the building process that probably aren't even at Gibson anymore. I do wonder if there are any more Gibson guitars out there with an unsuspecting owner that thinks he has one of the best,when in reality it's something less. That being said I'm going to get mine repaired and move on. The only real issue will be the finish. It will most likely never be as good as it was before this catastrophe. I'll live with.
  14. No, mine is an oval white tag that says made in Bozeman Montana with the serial number and model J45 VS which stands for Vintage Sunburst..It actually had tulip tuners on it when I got it and I believe they were original too. I recently put white button tuners on it because the old ones where sloppy and I like the white ones better. I'll have the SN tonight at some point and post it up here. Edited for content
  15. You could be right...but when I used the method Gibson offered, to use the serial number it told me it was a 1994, I don't have the serial number at the moment or I'd post it but I'll contact Randy and have him send it to me and post it here when he gets it to me.
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