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  1. Definitely not just you. The first video was rather boring to watch. Sure, he's got more ability in his picking hand than I do in both of mine, but if I wanted to watch a video of someone playing fast he'd be at the bottom of a very, very long list. I will however agree that he is much better in his second video. In the world of YouTube the younger shredders are a dime a dozen. And to be honest he's not even that fast (based upon these 2 videos, of course, and that's not to say I wouldn't give just about anything to be able to play even half as good as he does). I certainly wouldn't say that all young shredders don't care about "feeling", but it certainly comes across that way in their music.
  2. Exactly. I'd hazard a guess that most shops aren't sitting on too many 2013 models (with the exception of some of the big retailers), but by no means is 2013 NOS. I've found a local(ish) shop that consistently has new in box Gibsons from 2007 (and an unbelievable selection at that). I'm not sure when you'd start calling a guitar NOS, but 2 or 3 years certainly isn't it.
  3. I saw VH a couple years ago on their tour with Kool & the Gang. If I remember correctly I paid $160 or so for an pretty average floor seat (probably 20 or so rows back) and VH was the most boring live performance I've ever seen. The stage was HUGE, all black, and all they had was a big video board. DLR was mediocre at best, Wolfgang didn't move around at all (I mean look at the guy, he's freaking huge), and Eddie and Alex were great. To be honest I had a better time watching Kool & the Gang than I did watching VH. VH either needs to really step it up or give it up already because all thy're doing now is making themselves look like a bunch of fools.
  4. Let Me Take You Home Tonight - Boston
  5. Hello! I got looking around on the website of a local-ish guitar shop that has quite the collection of odd, new condition Gibsons and they've got 2 brand new (NOS, still in original shipping boxes) 2007 LP Standard Faded (heritage cherry burst) for sale for $1889 CAD. I've been thinking of getting a LP for a while now (I'd love to get a 2104 Trad, but I'd also love to get a new amp and a Carvin this summer as well) so the idea of a satin finish (read: hopefully nice and slick neck) LP Standard with uncovered pups for less than $2000 gets me a little bit excited. Both have the 50s neck profile and look absolutely stunning (I really dig the satin finish). As this shop is not exactly local (a few hours of driving away) if I was to get one it'd be without playing it so I'm wondering if anyone can share any experiences with this guitar. I've heard great things about them from looking on other forums, but certainly a couple of my main concerns are how durable is the finish and do you think this price is good (for the Americans on here I'd be looking at about $1600 and change including sales tax and shipping).
  6. I wouldn't have the slightest idea. I've never dealt with nitro or tried to do any touch ups on it. For something as serious as yours I'd definitely take it to someone with some experience.
  7. If you're happy with it and got it at a good price by all means keep it. But I'd go so far to say "blemished" is a bit of an understatement. I've had friends get wicked deals because of a dent in the finish, but actually taking paint off really takes it to the extreme. If you're fine with the paint being chipped and just want to seal area I'm sure you could get it filled with some nitro for not too much and you'd still get to keep the character.
  8. That's a lot more than just a chip in the finish or paint. If you just bought it (and it was like that when you did) and can still return it, I'd be taking it back ASAP.
  9. I could easily see it being what the inspection card says. It such a shaky, grainy pic that it's really hard to tell. If you're really concerned I'd ask for either a picture taken with a real camera (or at least a decent one that isn't shaky) or as for a close up of just the serial number.
  10. Seems good to me. If it seems cheap that's because if you buy pups from someone other than direct from Gibson you don't get completely ripped off and can save a ton of money (compare those prices to $165 and $175 from the Gibson store).
  11. I've got Schallers on my SG and they're great. As far as strap locks go it seems everyone has their favorite but I don't think I've ever heard of any bad things about any of the more popular straplocks (Fender, Dunlop, Schaller).
  12. I find a lot of the websites really hit and miss as well. I mostly use Ultimate Guitar, but again some tabs on there are absolutely terrible, and there's a lot of songs you won't find on there, especially from smaller artists and bands. I also find with a lot of websites is that people will take exactly what's already been published in a book and put it online, at which point the tab becomes almost unreadable and far too long. Personally I've never really used song books (with the exception of when I first started playing), so I can't really say much about them. YouTube can be pretty helpful, especially if the song is well known, in which case the tutorials are usually pretty good. Again, I've never really went that route too much, but the few times I have I've been pretty impressed. The way I get most of my music is from my guitar teacher. Sometimes I'll take in a tab I printed off that has the main parts correct but need a little tweaking here and there and we'll figure it out, or I just go in with a song I want to learn and we'll start from scratch.
  13. I just installed a Bigbsy on my SG and left the Nashville bridge on there and really don't see what all the fuss is about. I certainly don't have any problems with saddles moving (I think that would be more of a function of bridge quality than strength of the Bigsby) and my guitar stays in tune pretty well. Sure it goes out of tune a little bit, but not so much that it's really noticeable. When most other people talk about tuning issues and Bigsbys, they make it sound like it goes so far out of tune that you have to re-tune every time you use it. Sure, most people would probably really appreciate it if Gibson started putting roller bridges on all Bigsby equipped guitars (Tonepros is now making a Nashville bridge with roller saddles), but for someone such as myself, it's not worth the $100 to get the Tonepros roller bridge just to have a tiny increase in tuning stability.
  14. I just switched from a custom set of D'Addario NYXL 9.5-47 to a standard NYXL set of 9-42 on my SG and I won't ever be switching back to anything else.
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