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  1. I got a similar issue with my roxy SG, the nut keeps loosening up when I use the whammy bar, even though I regularly screw it really tight it again. I'm not sure if I'm explaining myself very well :) but would you think using a different nut could solve this issue?
  2. Well if it's new... that definately can't be normal. I don't see how just playing your guitar could scratch your fretboard =/ Do you have any pictures?
  3. I generally use 10-46 strings too :) but I ordered me some super slinky 08-38s now, just to try it out. I had no idea heavier gauge strings were better for low action though... guess I'll order some of those too :D Thanks for the advice.
  4. I think I might install some gibson pickup covers :) Or would you advice against this for some reason? Loving the guitar so far, I'm just having some trouble with setting up my low action, especially with the low E string, just can't seem to get rid of the open string buzz, sounds fine while playing though. Gonna try with thinner strings next... I dunno, I'm kind of a noob when it comes to setting up guitars, never really bothered much with my cheaper guitars other than adjusting the trus rod and getting the intonation roughly right, so I'm probly just missing something :)
  5. B-stock roxy SG -> http://www.gak.co.uk/en/gibson-frank-zappa-roxy-sg/79359
  6. Yeah black tape, sorry :P It's just coming off a little that's all.
  7. She has arrived! :) Sounds so much better than my epiphone, love the mini-switches too. But is this normal though? The rubber bands around the pickups are glued to it in a very messy manner and they don't exactly fit or stick to it properly everywhere...
  8. I noticed there's a few on ebay too, some with broken neck and the rest still perfectly intact. I missed the delivery yesterday by 30min -_- Guess I won't leave the house today :P
  9. Hmmm and they didn't contact you? :( I sure hope they properly fixed it at least... my order is due to arrive tomorrow evening.
  10. I bought this copy from thomann on saturday muhahaha :D I guess it's really the last one huh?
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