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  1. Yinz guys?? You must be from Pittsburgh. Welcome to the forum!
  2. So sorry for your loss, Tom. I pray you can find some peace.
  3. My AJ is definitely the loudest, but my J 200 is almost as loud.
  4. I like the Martin lifespans on my J 200, also. They work great on my AJ, too.
  5. If they listen to people like they say they are, they need someone to go out and talk to people. He seems like he can already give a lot of knowledge of what people are looking for. He might be able to let Gibson know what is going to sell. Also, he give them an instant presence on you tube. I don't know if Bozeman needs him as much as Nashville. I will watch any content Gibson puts out, but I don't just take their word for it. The independent reviews are pretty important, which you won't get from anyone working for Gibson. I watch all of Don's videos, and he does a good job showing products i
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  7. Sweetwater and Musicans Friend are both large mail order suppliers that ship internationally. The great part is, if you don't like it, you can send it back. So if you get a dud, you can try again. I think you get 30 days to decide to keep it or send it back. If you buy from them, I would call and talk to someone instead of just clicking and adding it to your cart. They can get a feel for what you are looking for even with in the same model. Not all standard j 200's sound the same, but they know what a good one is. They will play it for you if you want and match it to what you tell them. If you
  8. I feel better now, having heard from the guy. It doesn't sound like he has a fire sale in mind, or thaught of moving production to China. He does wear a lot of denim.
  9. You mean the Subaru Outback, that Paul Hogan was in the add for, isn't made in Australia? I feel like they lied to me.
  10. It looks like time is really catching up with Keith Richards.
  11. Nice one Sal! My AJ is my only Gibson that I didn't buy new. Mostly because they are hard to find, I've never seen a new one for sale anywhere. Mine was scratched up and dented a little too. The cool thing about that is I am not afraid to scratch it up myself. Enjoy yours!
  12. Looks really nice. How many screw holes did you have to drill? Maybe a better question is: did any of the rotomatic holes line up?
  13. I agree that rotomatics are big and clunky, but I have always found them to be very smooth and tune accurately. The problem with changing them is with almost any other tuner you have to add another screw hole. There are ones that will drop in, but they have two screws.
  14. The corner lifts on my J 200 also. I think the rate is much higher than 2% for the flubber guards. However, I push it down and it stays until the next time. I see it as a trade off. It lifts but the thistles don't wear off.
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