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  1. Awesome! That is all I can say. Enjoy it.
  2. I am down to a very reasonable four. I sold three last summer to fund my J-35. I miss them but love the 35.
  3. That is gorgeous. One day I'm gonna get me one of those babies.
  4. [quote name='Randmo' timestamp='1398904797' post='1515135' Guitar goes in the hard case every night. Gotta take care of my baby. Right on! Enjoy it!
  5. I see your location is Arizona, did you get a humidifier for your new Gibson?
  6. That guitar is worth more to you and your family than what you can sell it for.
  7. I swear that I have heard people mention that they still have the original strings on their guitar, like it is a good thing.
  8. That sounds expensive, and poisonous. I guess nitrocellulose is too!
  9. I don't think you are going to get 40% off of list price on the "hot selling" models. 40% off of a j35 listed at 1699 would be just over 1000 dollars. I don't think they are going for that price anywhere.
  10. That is a great looking guitar, and a good value. Enjoy it!
  11. I haven't come across a J 29 yet in spite of my best efforts, that one sounds really good in the video. So have all of the other rosewood Gibson that I have ever had the chance to play or heard someone else play. It is hard to tell by the video if it is as loud as the Martin. To me, loud isn't everything though.
  12. I like to try em at GC and buy em somewhere else. I know for some people there is no somewhere else. It is nice to be able to try and compare a D 28, a J 45 and a 314 in one place.
  13. Very interesting article, even more interesting comments. It seems like no matter what type of business it is, if all the company cares about is the stock price, then it is a slippery slope to closing the doors for good. Not that the stock price isn't important, but it should grow because you have a reputation of being a great place to buy something, not because you squeeze out a few extra dollars by sneaking a charge past someone for a case that should be part of the deal or getting rid of great employees that know what they are doing to pay someone else a little less. Unfortunately GC and the music instrument industry is/are not the only ones going through this. Every stock holder wants their money for nothing--isn't that the mind set that started the recession and popped the housing market bubble? Seems like the opposite mind set of where music comes from.
  14. Natural finishes have their place on some makes and models, but I do agree that J-45 and several other Gibson models should be sunburnt to truly be themselves.
  15. Even when you find "the one" it might not stop you from looking for the next "one". I think that is part of the fun in playing guitar. The one that is really " the one", might be the one that you won't sell to be able to buy the next one.
  16. Hi Ive been reading everybody's posts for months now, so I finally decided to join and chime in once in a while. So, hello to everyone and I hope I can add a little to the conversations.
  17. Hi, I just joined the forum to chime in and say how much I love my J35! Since I joined I might chime in on a few other topics as well. Count me in as a J35 club member.
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