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  1. If you are talking about the modern production model, they are a great value. They are braced differently than a J 45 or J 15, so they have a more opened lower bout. There is less of the sweet mids of the standard X braced models and some more boom. I like mine a lot. I can't speak to the vintage J 35's in the post above. I'm sure they are wonderful, but not as easy to find. Also, much more expensive.
  2. Well, I don't think that they are for me either, but I have no problem with a new design or concept. If it is a poor concept they won't sell and they will go away. If it is a hit and peple buy these instead of a Taylor then that is great for Gibson. As long as they still put out the great traditional stuff, then they can try all the new stuff they want. I have read here often about how they never try anything new, but when they do try something new, people hate it. I would rather see someone play a Gibson that looks like a Taylor than to see them play a Taylor.
  3. That was awesome, it was never new and it never gets old and it's a folk song.
  4. I would second the vote for the J 200. I know they are not for everyone, but I love mine and along with my 45 are the two I will not ever part with.
  5. I would love to love one, but they are hard to find. So, I got an Epiphone masterbuilt AJ. It is nice, but not short scale, not braced the same, and not a Gibson. Then I got a J 35 which is a lot closer to a working man 45. When one does pop up somewhere they usually are going for around the price of a new J 35. If I could go back in time and get one I would, but I am pretty happy with the J 35 compromise.
  6. Grunt,at least you don't have to cut a hole through the roof. And of course, congrats to Kidblast on the grand baby!
  7. Well Sal, I just watched it too.....I don't think I'll ever be the same again. I guess that fits right in wth the most bizarre stuff that JWL or Yoko ever came up with.
  8. If what you want is what I assume you want you will be looking at drilling one extra hole per tuner since those Rotos only have one screw each. You can always just leave them alone, they typically work great.
  9. Jesse, Every guitar on reverb looks better in the pictures and they always forget to mention all the scratches and dents. Still, even with the condition you did ok. It is getting hard to find any working man Gibson. You can't walk in the store and buy one, and if you could I doubt they would be under $1000 new these days.
  10. I am pretty sure a J 45 Custom has a standard X brace pattern. An AJ obviously(or maybe not so obviously) has advanced bracing. Advanced bracing is a wider X and leaves more room in the lower bout for more of that boom.
  11. It looks like the necks on those aren't quite straight. I would check the humidity. Usually solid body guitars don't have that problem.
  12. That looks like it will work great, but I don't like anything you leave on all the time. I suspect that the parts that contact the rim of the sound hole is the same soft rubbery stuff on the clip of a snark. If so, I would watch out for it leaving a mark.
  13. Oh man, I thaught I was the only one who felt that way.
  14. I think this is how black holes are started, or maybe how they are reversed. Sort of like how the Ghostbusters crossed the streams in the end.
  15. This is pretty much right on. The AJ has it's place if you are looking for the boom. The Southern Jumbo more of a classic Gibson slope sound. Also, I think the Songwriter does have the same bracing as the Advanced Jumbo.
  16. I think a retailer can sell a guitar at what ever price they want. At the point it is at the store,the manufacturer has already been paid at their price. The store sells it at their price, they just can't advertise it less than what the manufacturer says.
  17. My name is Sue! HOW DO YOU DO? Just kidding, it is really Shane.
  18. Could it be that the one on exhibit is not the real one??
  19. The Taylor method works ok, unless you happen to be watching a spring training baseball game at the time and only half paying attention to the restringing. In that case, you may stretch the A string to the A post thinking it is the E string. Oops! My A string only has about one wrap around the post. Let's go Bucs!
  20. For 1200 bucks you could not go wrong with the '02 J 50. That of course is assuming there are no major problems with it. At that price you could get your money back with no problem if you changed your mind.
  21. 1.725" is the spec on the nut, I believe. Awesome guitar. I think you have birdman jonesing for a J 200 to go with his bird.
  22. AWESOME! I can't imagine sitting with that thing for four hours and not opening it. You are a rock, and that J 200 rocks. To me, maple is the way to go, not that there is a wrong way to go. Maple just seems right.
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