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  1. That was funny, the electric is a Gretsch, though. Those are cool guitars too.
  2. I always wondered what Pat Smear was playing on the unplugged in New York concert. There is the answer! That is the guitar you hear doing the riff on All apologies, not Kurt's That's cool, I'm a fan of both Pat and Buck.
  3. Ha! I like that. Some would be scalloped or unscalloped. Maybe some are ladder braced. Also, hide glue vs titebond would factor in.
  4. He got his first real 6 string, bought it at the five and dime. He played it till his fingers bled, it was the summer of '69.
  5. I thaught if you were "advanced" it meant your top braces made a wider X.
  6. I know he smoked a lot of "jazzgrass".
  7. So, if you play Angie on a hummingbird, what key is it in?
  8. Anyone else think it is weird that there is a Ryan Adams and a Bryan Adams thread today?
  9. Anyone else think it is weird that there is a Ryan Adams and a Bryan Adams thread today?
  10. BirdMan, The Epi Hbird probably sounds better than the J160, let alone how great the Gibson sounds. J160's are very cool, they just aren't the greatest sounding guitars, especially unplugged. Any wrongs you did getting rid of that Gibson has now been made right by getting that Hummingbird.
  11. BirdMan, She is right that you will not stop, and you are not crazy. Most of us have the same issue. Once you get going GAS takes over, and there is nothing you can do because you NEED these guitars. Those were very good suggestions she made with the J 45 and J 200. They would round out your collection very nicely. I did the same thing you did when I got my J 45. I needed a similar guitar I could leave out and not have to worry about my kids knocking it over and breaking it, so I got an Epiphone Masterbilt Aj. I'm glad they never broke that one because it is an awesome guitar itself. Start saving for the J 45!
  12. That was an awesome version of one of my favorite songs. They did a very cool arrangement.
  13. BirdMan, I think that inspection sheet is the one from Guitar Center not the one from Gibson. Great looking and sounding guitar!
  14. Awesome! You even got to play it and compare it first, and they matched the price. That was the best case senerio for you.
  15. So the link JC posted in June of 2011 doesn't work anymore?....... They must have sold them in the last five years. Mike Nolan is still selling his though.
  16. Happy birthday FB. Hey everyone else, was anything good made in 1980? Gibson, Martin, anything??? I recall seeing a lot of Ovations on stages as a kid. Oh, that brave new world of electronics.
  17. Very fancy, dare I say too fancy. However, very pretty guitar, so pretty that I almost didn't realize it was a different guy playing and doing the talking.
  18. My only advise is to make sure it is properly hydrated before you set it up. Some people have a winter saddle and a summer saddle because they change that much with the seasons. Do whatever you need to to get the most enjoyment out of that great looking J 35.
  19. This makes perfect sense to me. The problem is I don't know what the store paid for the guitar, so I have to play the game at multiple places to see what that price is where they still get their margin they need to stay in business. The margin the small shop needs to stay in business might be way lower than the other small shop across town or the big box place or the Internet seller. So getting price quotes from all those places isn't trying to take advantage of any of those places. The intent is to buy the guitar you want, and being able to play it first may have value and make it worth several hundred dollars more. For someone else they need it at the cheapest they can because other wise they won't afford it. For someone else they are looking to finance a guitar and making monthly payments is the way to go. I have at different times sort of been in all of those situations and have use the method that worked at that time for me to get the guitar that I wanted. The place is going to say no if they are at a point that it doesn't make sense for them to sell a guitar at.
  20. Right, musicans friend might tell you they have a current offer of 15% off. Then you call sweetwater and tell them what the other price was and see if they will beat it. If they say no, then move on and it didn't cost anything but a little time. Always call and talk to someone. Some people won't ever consider actually buying from an online dealer, but you can always send it back for a full refund, or just try to get the best price you can at a shop.
  21. If you request a quote from musicians friend, for example, you can then go to sweetwater and ask if they will beat it. Then take that price quote to guitar center and see if they will beat it. They might or might not but you can't lose out if they say no. Just be ready for some follow up sales calls from the online dealers. They don't say in writing that they will beat online quotes, they do say they will match any advertised price. That's why there is MAP. They also have 15% off coupons quite often, they aren't always good on everything though.
  22. Somewhere around here in a discussion about pick guards someone wrote about putting a clear coat on top. I can't remember if it was a J 200 or Hbird they were talking about though.
  23. Ha! Profit vs prophet, now that is getting deep. I must have been thinking of when the money changers tables were turned over by a prophet. Maybe the same type of thing is going on in this holy place. Help! I need somebody......
  24. I'm not sure, maybe just Beatles fans! I'm a big fan of both the Beatles and J 200's, so you read into something that wasn't even there. I do hope the original poster's guitar is real, but seems funny that you would purchase a guitar when you don't know what it is worth. It is worth to you what you just paid for it, unless you are trying to flip it quick for max prophet, then the worth is what you can get someone to pay for it.
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