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  1. Just popped in to wish you all a Happy New Year. I am staying away from politics simply because it is fruitless to discuss, and it pisses me off. So I am focusing on what I can control and getting down to work on my guitar playing. Going through some health challenges and going to have much time on hand. Slowing things down a bit. HAPPY NEW YEAR, PAPPY👍
  2. Damn, I got out and took the dog for a ride, then went to the grocery store , now I am totally worn out, COVED is still hanging on, and at this point I am not contagious, the fever had broken two days ago. So just going out and doing an errand totally wore me out. But getting better, there is a lot of crap that continues to hang on, but at least I am not in the hospital.
  3. Saturday went to ER, and had symptoms like a flu. They ran tests and wanted to keep me , but I convinced them that I could more comfortable at home than a hospital room. So they did the swab for COVID, and on Wed AM got the call that I have the virus. So isolate for two weeks at least, but feel lousy, fortunately at this point not extreme , but some of the coughing spells are a bit testy, feels as if your lungs are about to turn inside out, so weak that I tried to play some acoustic earlier and just too exhausted to even hold the guitar. I will be glad when 2020 is over , I am not buying into the new normal no matter what. I am a dinosaur and in a world of snowflakes. And soon I will be extinct.
  4. MY BACKYARD, that's where they live!!!
  5. pappy


    Fantastic, great sustain and I am still exploring all the combinations of the pickups, but right out of the box she played like a dream
  6. pappy


    Each day I feel as if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have been getting out a bit more. Right now the weather is so darn hot, it makes it difficult to get out and do too much of anything, But yes , making progress.
  7. pappy


    Not a Gibson but as close as they come to one.
  8. Hotter than a firecracker today, with high humidity. Thought that I would take the dog out for a short walk and he refused to let me put his leash on. So I guess he is smarter than I am, he does not want to go out for a walk, and that is not at all like him. He is enjoying the air conditioning and is not going to go, simple as that.
  9. Paul Barrere RIP>>>>>Little Feat guitarist that recently passed away
  10. pappy


    I guess that everyone is showing off their new arrivals. Mine arrived today about an hour ago. I have been having a difficult time of it the past 8 months. And decided I needed to add something to perk me up and create a new relationship with. We have just begun to get acquainted, and as I looked her over, (she was advertised as blemished), but I can not find a thing as yet. I am in the process of getting over bronchial pneumonia, and just now starting to get any energy back. So later today We will go out for a workout. The other new additions are beautiful and I am falling head over heels for this new addition. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gEsjfIbAM5a8VpdL9BPiA3T0wVD2No6-
  11. Box of Rain by the Dead, I have taken my two youngest several times , (many years ago) to see them in concert) The people are the best part of the show, we have met some interesting folks at their concerts.
  12. Over the rainbow(Eric Clapton version) Sloopy,Father and Son
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