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  1. Paul Barrere RIP>>>>>Little Feat guitarist that recently passed away
  2. pappy


    I guess that everyone is showing off their new arrivals. Mine arrived today about an hour ago. I have been having a difficult time of it the past 8 months. And decided I needed to add something to perk me up and create a new relationship with. We have just begun to get acquainted, and as I looked her over, (she was advertised as blemished), but I can not find a thing as yet. I am in the process of getting over bronchial pneumonia, and just now starting to get any energy back. So later today We will go out for a workout. The other new additions are beautiful and I am falling head over heels for this new addition. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gEsjfIbAM5a8VpdL9BPiA3T0wVD2No6-
  3. Box of Rain by the Dead, I have taken my two youngest several times , (many years ago) to see them in concert) The people are the best part of the show, we have met some interesting folks at their concerts.
  4. Over the rainbow(Eric Clapton version) Sloopy,Father and Son
  5. I am listening to early beatles when they first made it big in the USA. Twist and shout to please, please, really fun stuff
  6. THe full , original woodstock movie! And now I a hitting the rack , can not make it to the end.
  7. That was one hell of an ordeal, hope you get back to healthy status.
  8. Thank you Dave, that indeed did work.
  9. I have reset my password everyday since I signed back in, and it does not save my password. Sent a requestr for assitance to the Admins and no reply. What the Hell is going on, and I dono like the new Format!
  10. To all my brothers and sisters that have served , those that made it home, and to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice.. Welcome Home! And thank you all!
  11. RIb Eyes, mashed potatoes,and asparagus,for dessert we had fruit salad.
  12. Well I did grab my SG and played for about an hour, that is all I could handle at this time. It felt great to pick p one of my babies again. Was a great boost to my wanting to get back 100%. Hope you all are doing well , it kinda sux that my wife has had to carry the mantle for the past few weeks, as yard work waits for no one. But she is a champ, and does not complain.
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