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  1. UPDATE: So I thought this case was sold, but I did NOT realize that apparently this is a case for an "archtop" because I discovered the BOTTOM of the case has an arch as well as the top!! I know, I should have known that, but the case isn't used and was in storage for the last few years... Anyway, the buyer wanted a flat bottom (true dreadnaught) style case, which I totally understand. I would have bet money that the case was flat on the bottom... Of course, that may not matter to some (personal preference)...but now I'm curious to find out more about this case! It DOES fit the J-45 perfectly as the picture shows, not sure which "archtop" Gibson it was apparently designed for and would, of course, fit as well? L50 or...? 16" lower bout, 12 1/2" upper bout. Appreciate any feedback...thanks!
  2. Thanks Jim...it really has no sentimental value and it is a bit "rough around the edges" (literally). I have checked Reverb and a couple of other places and was surprised at the prices some of these cases were bringing! I will take a look at eBay too.
  3. I've got a vintage (early 50s) Geib Master Kraft hardshell Gibson case that I am considering selling (eBay or?) but not sure if I should keep it for my '65 J-45 or not. Of course, it's the classic brown with wonderful pink velour lining...100% original and very solid with the usual edge wear and some dings and a couple of mystery gouges here and there. All the metal feet, hinges, latches etc. are there and very solid, work perfectly. Background: My Dad was the original owner of this case, but then traded in the guitar it came with (not sure what it was) and put his new 1953 Martin D28 in it where it lived for the next 60 years! I always thought it was unusual for him to have the Martin in a Gibson case, but he didn't care as long as it worked! I purchased a new case for the Martin when I inherited it, and my J-45 already had a very nice case so this Geib has been in storage for the last 5 years. I would really appreciate any advice or opinions on the value of this case to help me decide what to do with it. Of course, several friends have suggested to just put my J-45 in it (fits perfectly of course). Check out the photos...included is one with the J-45 so you can see the fit (the D28 fits just fine as well). Great forum, thanks for the help!
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