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  1. I bought at a duty-free shop in Ochanomizu, right around 50,000 Yen (right at $500.00). Flying back to Okinawa on ANA is painless with an instrument. It came with a hard shell case. At the luggage counter they bring out a big blue coffin type box, strap the case inside the box so it can't move, strap the box shut as well, and mark the whole thing fragile. It really gets VIP treatment, and at the other end of the flight is the first piece off of the plane. This was my only piece of checked baggage so I didn't have to pay for an extra checked piece of luggage, but in the past I've done this on ANA and it only cost 2000 yen, about $20.00. I have no qualms at all checking an instrument on an Asian airline.
  2. Went to Tokyo last week and returned with this. I think it's a '90 model, if I'm deciphering correctly, and it's perfect! My link My link My link
  3. Stunning! Congratulations on the great acquisition.
  4. Watching "Nashville, On The Record" now on Hulu Plus, the stars of Nashville performing and talking about their favorite music from the show. About a 45 minute deal, filmed at the Ryman Auditorium.
  5. Gretsch guitars also are featured, another passion of mine. The music really is good.
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