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  1. ReGuitar


    Congrats! She's really beautiful, enjoy!!! I like that binding on the headstock!
  2. Same issue here with both volume pots on my Les Paul. I used a contact cleaner, now it's ok.
  3. ReGuitar

    string gauge

    Give it a try. If you don't like it, change it back to 9s. SRV used 13s, Tony Iommi uses 8s and 9s, Gary Moore used 9s and 10s and they all sound great. It's all about comfort and feeling good when playing a vibrato, bending strings, shredding, etc. Whatever your vibe is. Use the ones you like the most. Follow your ears and fingers! :)
  4. You're using the mac earphone output, aren't you? Balanced output (mac) vs Unbalanced Input (amp)!!!!!
  5. So, why do you wanna replace them? Yes. Not only they have distinctive magnets, but Single coils and humbucker pickups sound differently. This difference can be for the good or the bad. Your ear will tell you. Depends on what is your sonic holy grail.
  6. I'm not sure, but I think that by 2003 Vs were already equipped with 496R/500T. Not a clue about the price tho.
  7. No pickguard, no case, no individual volume knobs. No, thanks.
  8. Hello Guido, and welcome! Before you go any further on setting your guitar, if don't know what you're doing, you better look for a local luthier. Cheers
  9. Hi, Congrats and don't forget buying that stretch strap.
  10. Got that G-string issue too. What kind of lube? Yeah, Tony Iommi was one of those who replaced their strings due to his chopped fingertips.
  11. She looks legit to me too. Is hardcase included?
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