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  1. I've had my 1982 347 since 2004, and it is still my favourite guitar. The serial number indicates it was built in Nashville. I bought it from a small local store owned by a guy who has an impressive collection of vintage guitars and amplifiers. He didn't have much info on the history of my 347, only that it was previously owned by a female player. It is black and differs from standard Gibson specification in that the pickups, bridge and tailpiece are chrome, and the tuners are Gibson stamped with fly out handles to enable fast winding. An enquiry to Gibson told me that either it was a custom o
  2. List price in most UK shops for my J45 custom when I bought it in April 2014 was £1999. The list price coming in just now seems to be £2499, quite a huge hike over two years. Brexit and the pound is certainly responsible for a good slice of that. I suppose the only good news is that if you are selling, prices for used Gibsons in the UK will probably get a boost relative to the new prices. It's really not much fun if you are buying new though.
  3. I couldn't vote on this. As others have mentioned the mic set up makes it impossible to judge, such heavy compression going on.
  4. I used to suffer from GAS until my wife gave me a course of GAT (Guitar Aversion Therapy). This mainly consisted of kicks in the groin area whenever I was spotted looking at expensive guitars in either retail outlets or online ads. This has seemingly cured me, and has had the added benefit of giving me an added octave of vocal range. So all you need to rid yourself of GAS is a caring significant other like I have who will... hang on a moment, what is that?... Oh my, look at that pretty J200!
  5. Interesting to see these modern Sigma Gibson copies, for the price they sound and look really good on that video, though as I live in the UK, I found it funny how they kept saying the price may change... the pound has somewhat tanked post Brexit, and may well continue to fall :( The price of a Gibson J45 may well go up by a few hundred pounds this year. I still own a 1970s Japanese made Sigma DR7... a Martin D-28 clone. As the video explained, they were back then part of the Martin company producing budget versions of their guitars. In common with lot of 1970s Japanese guitars, they were
  6. I absolutely do and will make my own decisions... been doing that for years, sometimes getting it right and occasionally getting it wrong :) I only wondered what people here think because I have read before on various forums, people advising to only use lights or mediums on acoustics, cause anything less will kill tone / not let the top move etc. I've not found that to be the case, so as long as the 11s sound fine recorded, and I continue to like how they play, I'll use em.
  7. Since getting my J45 custom a couple of years back I have stuck to using Gibson Masterbuilt 12s on it. A week or so back i thought I'd try out a set of custom light 11-52 Martin strings I had, and I am quite liking the ease of finger pressure and extra vibrato-ing ability this has given me. The sound is a little different of course, but still great. Got me wondering if there are many on here using these lighter strings, or if most of you see it as 'not the right thing to do'. I'll try recording with them next week and see how it compares with recordings of the 12s. Right now, when it comes to
  8. Had a listen to it. Grammy winners? When I hear things like this I'm always reminded of that fable "The Emperor's New Clothes".
  9. I have had a similar J45 custom for a couple of years or more now. It plays, sounds and records beautifully. I have never for a moment regretted getting it. As you say, stunning to look at without being over the top, a joy to own :)
  10. I have had mine a little over two years now. It's here to stay. Looks, sounds and records so good. I've never for a moment regretted buying it. It's a fine keeper instrument.
  11. Never used that Focusrite, but looking at the specs it would seem to be just the thing for guitar/voice recording, though there are quite a few others to choose from as I'm sure you will have seen from looking around. A lot of interfaces come with cut-down versions of DAWs which will be useful if you want to get into overdubbing or using decent reverbs/delays/compression or other effect plugins. I use a digital desk at home which gives me 16 ins and outs, which I need because I sometimes record live drums, but the suggestions to get a small desk might be worth considering anyway, it's alwa
  12. Good post... The thought of picking up on a recording, the sound of neighbors laughing at your singing made me smile. Assuming his voice wasn't so bad, then the problem there maybe wasn't the mic, perhaps he needed to buy a new house with better neighbors! Now we're into a whole different price range. :)
  13. Going back to the first post of Blindboygrunt, and having listened again to his Soundcloud recording, which is very nice BTW... I understood the concern about the lack of warmth, it being a bit light in the low mids and bass end. That's why I suggested the NT1, being a large diaphragm condenser with lots of available warmth for vocals, and a great instrument all rounder, at a great price. The KM184s are more suited to guitar than they are vocals perhaps. The direct Rode 'competitor' to the KM184 would be the NT5. (If you YouTube search Rode NT5 vs KM184 you'll find comparison videos.) There ar
  14. Nice version, and good sound on both the guitar and vocal.
  15. I completely get where you are coming from Bluesking, and that you have found your perfect setup and mic in your KM184. There is no arguing against the sound and build quality of Neumanns. I use them in my studio on a regular basis. I have most often used Neumann U87s (which here cost getting on for 2000 UK pounds nowadays) and they sound fantastic, but I have been been equally happy with the sound I get using a Rode NT1, which is a fraction of the cost. There would be an awful lot of other recording gear one could buy with the money saved! That's why I give it a bang for buck recommendation.
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