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  1. If the guitar is new and at Guitar Center, it's real.
  2. Don't buy the Junior because thats the only one you can afford. Wait until you have a little more money and decide of the Junior is definitely what you want or if you'd really rather have a studio or standard. And buy a recent used one and save yourself 30%.
  3. Allen wrench on the bridge??? And on the stop-bar???
  4. The guitar looks real. Your guitar shop "expert" needs to shove his head back up his a$$! Having said that, I've sent pictures to Gibson USA of guitars I thought were fakes (they were). One person said was real and when I was certain it wasn't, I re-sent the pictures and another person there said it was fake. So hopefully the EU guys are more reliable than the US guys!
  5. Well, I used a little fine auto rubbing compound and it didn't have any effect so I don't think it's a surface stain. I'm beginning to think the paint has just worn thin. Trouble is the guitar has hardly been played so it shouldn't have.
  6. No, I haven't tried vinegar. I guess this should be pretty harmless on a nitro finish.
  7. Thanks, I did that today. They suggested taking it to a luthier and having it buffed out. Unfortunately there's nobody who can do that close to where I live.
  8. Yep, my 2008 Studio does the same thing. It's kinda obvious why, when you look at the wiring diagram.
  9. Thanks guys. Yes, I got the same suggestion from that "other forum" ;-) But I don't think it's the case - I have a white lining case (but don't keep it in the case anyway). Major mystery and major bummer!
  10. Hi all: I have a one year old Gibson Les Paul Studio in white. My son has been playing it and there's a reddish stain on the top front edge of the lower bout (presumably from the inside of his right arm/shirt). Have no idea what it is. I've tried water, soap, but to no avail. I didn't want to get into alcohol or anything stronger before checking with the experts here regarding what I can us to clean off the stain from the (nitrocellulose laquer?) white paint. Please, don't make recommendations you haven't tried! Thanks
  11. The key is that it has the dot inlays and what appears to be a flat (not a carved) top. In any event, if it is in mint condition, it's worth about the same a a used vintage mahogany which is about 10% to 20% more than a new mexican strat. If it's a special, its an older one and asking a little less than a new mexican strat sounds reasonable. Post a picture of the front of the headstock.
  12. Errr...... I've never seen that may high frets before. Are you sure the relief was set properly before he set to it with his flat file???
  13. The Golden Rule: "The man with the gold makes the rules!" As far as I am concerned' date=' if you don't like those black marks on the top, you should try to return it. Call Musician's Friend and point out to them the delay in delivery and that you are not happy with the finish on the guitar. When you're paying that much money, it should be exactly what you want! Therin lies the rub - You may get a beautiful looking guitar that doesn't play as well (although this should just be a matter of a setup).
  14. Ah, didn't see that it had a refret - too much trash talk to follow the thread carefully!
  15. Mostly looks real except for one thing - no binding nibs on the fret ends (?)
  16. What makes you think a rosewood fretboard sounds any different from an ebony fretboard? Have you listened to a blinded comparison? You may hear a difference between two guitars but you'll never pick out which one has a rosewood fretboard and which one has ebony!
  17. sktn77a

    Nut Filing?

    If you don't have the right tools (nut files) you will probably do more harm than good. Take it to a guitar tech for a setup. Nut only - $10-$20, but you might as well get a full setup for about $30-$40.
  18. Like others have said, it's th nut. Disappointing that they didn't do this right the first time. Just take it back to the tech and tell him that the strings are still binding in the nut slots and giving you tuning problems. He should fix it for free.
  19. I haven't seen the pickup stickers before (but I only ever see "new" guitars at GC). Other giveaways are the smaller-than-standard- diamond inlay (like an Epiphone), the curl on the L in the cursive text on the TRC goes below the line (like an Epiphone), the white outline on the TRC is too thin and cut off at the nut so it will fit, and the volume/tone knob pairs aren't parallel to the neck. Just to name a few..................
  20. That is not the guitar you would get - that's a picture of a real LP Custom lifted off e-Bay. The guitar you get looks nothing like that - it's a typical chinese fake!
  21. Ask Gibson to take the guitar back, agree to let you pick one from an authorised dealer stock, and then replace the guitar you select from the dealer. No-one's out, everyone's happy!
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