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  1. Hi Hans -

    I just dug up my receipt from the tuners purchase, and here's the exact description:

    "1x ToneProsKluson 60s Round White Button Tuners - Nickel / Bolt for $67.50 each"

    However, after looking online quickly I wasn't able to find the same TonePros website that I purchased them from a few years back. It looks like they might have shut down ...

  2. Hi!

    I just saw your post about the tuner swap on your J45 and as I am looking to do the same I am very interested in knowing specifically which tuners you used? I haven't myself been able to find any with white buttons that are a drop in replacement for my J45 Rosewood (2007) so it would be awesome to hear from you!

    Thanks for your help,


  3. I own the 1928 L-1, and previously owned an L-00 Pro. They are both wonderful but quite different animals in my opinion. That particular L-00 was perfectly well rounded and I adored it. The L-1 just has so much character, personality and uniqueness though - it is an absolute mid-range tone monster and sets itself apart from my J-45 and other guitars. That’s why I’ll keep it forever. It’s a very light build, as I’m sure certain L-00’s are as well. I’d just say it’s more mid range-growly in its voice. You certainly can’t go wrong! Disclaimer: I’m a sucker for 12-fretters in general.
  4. I hate to use the term beater, but my Halcyon mahogany parlor guitar has definitely become my take-everywhere guitar! Somehow I'm ok with playing that one out in the elements regardless of the circumstance. The perfect travel / hiking / sofa axe for me.
  5. Yep, the Martin is a spruce top with a mahogany body, 12-fretter. And that's correct - check out the "F-25 Folksinger." A bit of a quirky model for Gibson with it's flat and wide fretboard.
  6. I have to throw in a vote for the "New Yorker"! I have a Martin 0-16NY from the early 60's - it is the perfect couch guitar with a very deep and rich tone for its size. I tend to switch between that and my Gibson L-1 reissue, they're quite different from one another but both spectacular.
  7. Yep, it annoys me too. I'm guessing there might be some fine print involved between Gibson and Baggs though. Probably just in my head, but guitars that come truly acoustic stock (L1 Blues Tribute! Martin CEO-7! J45 Vintage!) seem to have tone from another world.
  8. I just gave the album a listen - what an inspiring and beautiful piece of work! Perfect compliment to my road trip this morning through the Cascade mountains. Congratulations on the achievement.
  9. Thankful to own my first two picks. Almost too many amazing candidates out there to decide on a third! L-1 Blues Tribute J-45 Standard ... now it gets difficult ... Vintage LG-2?
  10. Congrats!! The L-1 Tribute's neck is a dream to play for me, along with the Keb Mo. Lots of character hidden in that little box.
  11. Great info, thanks! I actually just did the same to the white buttons I added to my 45 Standard, but used coffee of all things. Had no idea whether it'd work or not, but the results are exactly what I hoped. I used extra fine steel wool on all the buttons to give them a nice chalky matte finish first, then soaked them very strong coffee for a couple days. I will say though that I just wanted to add some nice subtle warmth to the white color... wasn't after a really aged or darker "antique" look.
  12. I owned one. It's a wonderfully warm guitar, and honestly the only reason I sold it was because I couldn't quite get used to the long scale length. The neck has a great chunky pronounced v-profile I remember, which I enjoyed. The rich lite fingerboard was totally fine to me, didn't mind that at all. I also liked the deeper tone of the deeper body. I think in the end it was just always slightly fatiguing to play for some reason, maybe because I'm spoiled by the short scale Gibson's :) That's a very personal thing, of course. I do applaud Martin and Tweedy for making it an all FSC certified wood
  13. For me it is my L-1. That thing has a bottled up energy source it just cannot get out fast enough. It's own animal for sure.
  14. That is a beautiful guitar! Congrats. My L-1 really sings with the slightly heavier "light-mediums"... basically 12.5's, but 12's are good too. I like the Martin SP phosphor bronze ones.
  15. Congrats!! This is my favorite Gibson. It has so much attitude in its tone.
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