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  1. Absolutely gorgeous - the walnut shade of the top lends it a sophisticated look. Is it stained maple?
  2. I'm diggin' that Everly Brothers...! 😎
  3. It's a shame they didn't have devices like this back in the day; can you imagine how it could have improved unadulterated recordings like this?
  4. That looks good enough to eat! I tend to critique the human factor on sunburst finishes, but that one is meticulously applied.
  5. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am lооking fоr a gуntle and SEXy man

    My profile is here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses C-RAM

  6. Dual humbuckers in adjustable rings on a resonator? Those, plus the ABR-style bridge, block inlays and modern sealed tuners all point to an inexpensive Asian build. It's certainly not old.
  7. Yeah - I'm not a fan of covers in general; Mustaine must like the tune as much as I do!
  8. 'No More Mr. Nice Guy' is my favorite contemporary rock song of all time. Melody, harmonies, arrangement, execution, engineering and production, it is a masterpiece.
  9. C-RAM

    New Pickups

    They are different sizes, the Bill Lawrence-designed neck pickup (Gibson designates both this and the slanted humbucker as M-Series) of the Nighthawk being the smaller of the two. If you want to install a Firebird pickup, you'll have to plug/re-drill the pickup ring hole locations on your guitar top. The Firebird pickup itself is also too wide for the Nighthawk ring. I learned all of this wanting to renew neck pickup rings and covers, as I tend to wear the gold plating off my guitars. I love the M-series pickups. - Marc (owner of several Nighthawks and a '90 Firebird V)
  10. Sorry, can't I.D. the guitar, but what a great performance!
  11. What sounds 'just so-so' and doesn't floor you is probably the Holy Grail for someone else. There have been plenty of times I've heard someone rave about a guitar's tone or an amplified sound and I've thought to myself "I don't get it." I've quit trying to describe or qualify what sounds good and what doesn't, because each of us has our own perception of what that is - I believe good players can pick up just about anything and make interesting use of whatever sound they can get out of it. But back to your question - no, I personally don't believe there are any 'magician technicians' that can transform guitars; players do the transforming.
  12. Trying to imagine Keith with his nose buried in NME, getting the latest scoop on The Brothers Gibb - "Wot? Maurice has bought himself ANOTHER houndstooth jacket?? Whatever for??" edited: I guess Keith didn't read Tiger Beat.
  13. All kinds of wrong. Maybe 'Angus Beef and the Butchers'
  14. ... I *LIKE* that term - I'd probably just say 'contrived'.
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