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  1. Japanese workmanship is no surprise in the manufacturing world; it is arguably the best there is. I deal with micro-machined assemblies and parts, both domestic and from the EU, Indonesia and Japan - Japanese is always perceptibly the highest quality.
  2. Hear, hear! Listen to the voices of reason!
  3. I also find it hard on the eyes - comes across as an amalgamation of about four different guitars...
  4. Went to the bank today to get some cash for our local trash pickup guys' annual year-end gift; they do a great job and give our dog treats and head rubs. No tip for the mail lady, though - she's been delivering our mail to neighbors east and west of us and giving us our neighbors' mail - !
  5. All I got was a bag of bite-size Butterfinger and a dog grooming glove... and I LIKED it!
  6. There are no rules. Try as many different amps as you can - you'll eventually come across something that appeals to you. Now, if you'll be able to AFFORD it is another thing! It's all a learning experience as you go along; just use your ears and brain, be honest to yourself and you'll be fine... ;)
  7. Quite the little tart, she is.
  8. Not me; some of us don't really care about 'vintage' instruments or playing that whole game you describe. All I've ever been interested in are 'regular' guitars - if any of mine might be considered vintage, it's only because I've had them for a long time. You want to catch my interest, show me newer, affordable guitars that play well.
  9. Ah, man - the dude's a legend. Everybody knows something he played on... my favorite recording is the Dobie Gray version of 'Drift Away'- so much tasty stuff in there!
  10. Aw, hell - Hadn't known he was ill... ELP was most certainly a foundation of my youth, and Greg possessed one of the richest voices I've heard to this day. Now playing 'Take a Pebble' in sorrowful remembrance.
  11. How about some Holiday colors? ...or just plain ol' vanilla?
  12. Depends on what your definition of 'is' is.
  13. 'Comments are disabled for this video'
  14. I know it's been said before, but that guitar is pure eye candy.
  15. I've been down this road before, and I'm puttin' on the brakes, pulling a U-turn and getting out of Dodge. As is the case with Henry Kaiser, there are some people who do things with a guitar I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND. No longer will I try to rationalize this or be sympathetic to areas outside my personal comfort zone, it just makes my head hurt. I first heard Mary when she played a Tiny Desk Concert on NPR with a small band she put together (I usually enjoy these, they're an opportunity to hear an artist up close in a bare bones setting) - intrigued (or maybe baffled), I sought out some more of her, er, 'offerings' to see if I was missing something... I was. Whatever she's throwing, I'm missing. YMMV. I DO dig her Guild Artist Award, though.
  16. That applied finish is exceptional; I've never seen the contours on both upper bout horns of a double-cutaway shaded so accurately and evenly...
  17. Hey, I've got one of those! Same model, year and finish - I'll have to dig it out for a pic... Here we go -
  18. I INSIST on having a Poker Chip on, but I make custom ones out of clear plastic with no printing; it's the best of both worlds - it's there, but you can't see it.
  19. C-RAM


    Hey, Larry - from the GuitarFetish.com site you linked to, I see this at the bottom of the page: International Orders Policy YES we ship WORLDWIDE DAILY!! Please DO NOT ask us for a quote or a special deal: International freight charges are configured instantly in the shopping cart during checkout, BEFORE payment is required. You MUST choose one of the two export methods for the correct price to be displayed. Air Letter Post is reliable and cheap, EMS is fast, guaranteed, and has a real-time tracking number provided. Did you already check this out? Was the cost prohibitive?
  20. One more - Standard in Vintage Sunburst, s/n 90587464 Is this a 1997 guitar?
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