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  1. I currently have 10's on my Les Paul, what is the heaviest gauge the guitar will take? I mostly play my acoustics, I have a heck of a time with the high e on my electric. I always seem to slide the e string off of the neck enough that it sounds way off. just seems so flimsy compared to my acoustic 12's. I'm wondering if heavier strings would help.
  2. Don't sell it! I have a J-15 and a Martin HD 28, I have no business owning either one... I've only been playing about a year and I'm horrible, but they aren't for sale... I love playin' them.
  3. I've had my J-15 for a year now and it's not for sale, so there's my vote.
  4. Randmo


    Are those the locking 406G tuners? Any modifications required?
  5. Randmo


    I've had my j-15 for a year, it was never sticky. I recently bought a Martin HD-28 and it is a little sticky. Nice back on yours, I found some of them to look sort of green and dull, yours is nice. Here is pic of mine
  6. I don't see why not, wood is wood. I have used it on mine.
  7. Very nice! Had mine almost a year, no regrets.
  8. Now that I have the bone saddle and pin installed for a few days, I like my J-15 much better !
  9. Got the bone saddle and pins installed today. It did tone it down a little, nothing major. I still love the J-15 either way.
  10. I bought one a few months ago (the yellow one) works great in Arizona
  11. 1" at the first fret and just a hair under 1" at the 7th. That's with the strings on.
  12. I ordered the bone saddle and pins today. I will report back how it works out.
  13. I did the same thing at 58 years old, about 9 months ago. I had no idea how to play, bought a Yamaha, decided I liked to play, went and bought a J-15. Now $5k later I'm having a blast. The good thing is that guitars will,always have value so it's a true investment. Congrats on the J-15, you will love it.
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