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  1. she's a beauty. i did the same. mine had the butterscotch plastics and black speed knobs. changed the plastics out with the vintage cream and put amber top hats on.
  2. yeah i sent it back. turns out the case had issues.... but the problem with the input constantly falling out and then the swing arm was already needing to be tightened up and i didn't even have it a week. too many problems. i think i'm going with the 2013 ES 339 studio with the single dirty fingers pickup and buying a bigsby and vibramate for it.
  3. my case is poor. it won't even latch right. noting lines up straight so that might be the problem. i hate to say it but this thing has given me problems since day one. i get it new out of the box and the input jack has come unthreaded and is inside the guitar, the case doesn't work properly, the input jack keeps coming unthreaded every day or two, there is a heavy rattle coming from the first fret no matter how high or low the strings are and i've straightened the neck and set intonations etc. , and now all of a sudden (after spending one full night in its uneven case) it won't stay in tun
  4. well, it looks like by rotating the swing arm (rolling it in its sleeve. not just spinning it to the back) helps it to fit. i'm not comfy with it but it will have to do.
  5. what case will fit the epiphone swingster with the bigsby? the co. that i bought from sent me the EEMC case by epi. and it didn't work. the bigsby is too long to swing around and close. now the same guy is telling me the epi edread case will work.... it's a dreadnought case but the measurements seem to match up ok....
  6. the case that i was told would work will not work unless i take off the swing arm. not looking forward to taking out to small allen bolts just to case my guitar. i contacted the company that i bought it from and now they say that an acoustic case will work..... we'll see. right now i have to keep it in the cardboard box.
  7. once again... i am not let down by the knowledge that floats around this forum. thanks guys.
  8. i just ordered a limited edition emperor swingster and the sales man told me that the Epiphone EEMCS Hardshell Case for ES175 will fit the swingster. so, that is what i ordered. i'll update this when it gets here.
  9. i recently ordered one of these and i am waiting for it to arrive. i am curious... is a "pinned" bridge one that is not mounted to the body? does it just rests on top and the pressure from the strings keeps it in place?
  10. i love my 2014 studio. i did change out the plastics and the knobs though.... tone wise and playability? not disappointed one bit.
  11. i gave him those two references along with a used version of his ibanez for less than that.... i'm guessing the studio standards were under a grand when they came out in the early 80s right?
  12. talked to a guy today that has an ibanez JS2400 and someone wants to trade him a 1984 Les Paul Studio Standard in great shape.... his ibanez sales for 2400 new and he thinks that it is worth more than the LP. he wants an actual idea of price on the LPSS. i told him that if i had it it would be priceless.
  13. what kind of neck does the 2002 melody maker have? 50s style or 60s style?
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