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    2011 epiphone bonamassa les paul goldtop
  1. i too am having flashbacks about my 1st epi acustic , i am auditioning new epi's now im soo excited like a bar chord....on a dope epiphone guitar
  2. i feel yor pain it is hard too decide what epiphone color i might use today :unsure: :unsure:
  3. thanks for the info so why does my china custom shop play so well....i dig this guitar
  4. i dig your vibe , i have found a new respect of epiphone acustics by simply playing /comparing against other guitars...
  5. glad i could spark this great epiphone guitar conversation old epi vs. new epi ........
  6. yes im starting too see that i need a casino and a shearaton2 super dope guitars [thumbup]
  7. [thumbup] yes im ready to get a shearaton 2 or a casino , im excited .......
  8. i like the casino . and recently played a shearton 2 im in love all over again with epiphone..... and those brodways look so fluid... [thumbup]
  9. i have and Play my favorite epiphone ever , a joe bonnamassa goldtop , it is as close to a 1959 les paul as you can get with out the $200,000 price tag , it is just like the 1959 LP standard tribute epiphone i also play this guitar on a new song by Hip hop Group Funkdoobiest called CALIFORNIA FUNK (YOU TUBE) i play all the music on that song , and i have my epiphone bonamassa sounding like a strat.. (slinky strings)
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