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  1. Damn, thanks for reminding me to order some of the leftovers. I use gibson strings on acoustic and electric guitar. Not because of the name, just I found them to be the strings I like best. The new brite wires (electric guitar strings) cost twice as much now 😳
  2. Damn, some of the old emojis are missing...whatever stunning in every way. Bad timing for me: Just trying to convince myself I can live without a maple acoustic🤔 I think these testdrivers should really state what pick they are using. Sounds like a thick one here. Really like to hear this beauty with a thinner/lighter pick.
  3. Here's my latest purchase together with my favorite (acoustic): A new mexican made 60s neck with pau ferro fretboard for my Tele Partcaster (it all started with a 80ies Fender Tele made in japan; only the controlplate and the poti knobs from that guitar are still there) and my Hummingbird TV. I actually had a NGD last year, but since its an electric and I never made real photos I never posted this: Gibson 1963 ES-335 made in 2018
  4. quite the same here, have no real experience with martins. I'd say j-45/hummingbird and a maple gibby
  5. Late as always, and mh, I don't know, but you demanded it, right. Thing is from 1997. By the way, sold the Les Paul last year
  6. i was expecting the Green Day song, when I read the thread title ...but this one makes actually more sense
  7. strange world, this guy stood in my living room a week ago, he bought a speaker I had for sale.
  8. What about just ordering a h'bird speced to your liking? https://wildwoodguitars.com/product-category/electrics/gibson-custom-shop/wildwood-spec-made-2-measure/
  9. congratulations! Money well spent! Does it mean you're a three-acoustic-guitar-guy now? Or is the latest second (was a gibson, wasn't it?) one gone unnoticed. Its funny, when I first got interested in a quality acoustic guitars, I thought I'd get a Martin, cause I thought thats what a acoustic guitar has to look like...until a sales guy pointed to that butt ugly j-45 on the wall, suggesting to try it. guess you all know what happened. Nowadays I think Martins look kinda boring, whatever, hope you enjoy yours!
  10. anyway not getting at you ! the comments trying to relativize (right word?), defend, excuse or doubt the thing nearly makes me throw up on my keyboard. Maybe I should listen to wiser members like Larry and get back to my H#bird...still don't know what to do with his songs in my repertoire, though.
  11. when I said revealing I was not only referring to the op but also to some of the reactions here.
  12. that is quite a revealing thread, revealing on so many levels... I liked his music, but now? I don't know, its weird, he always appeared to be some kind of weird ***hole, but all this? And there seems to be more coming....I'm out!
  13. Since your in Israel you should check out some european dealers. In germany we have some bix box stores that do international shipping. for example: https://www.thomann.de/de/helpdesk_shipping.html?country=ISR Even better would be a smaller store in my opinion, cause they care more about what they send out and communication is always better. Here is a link to a nice smaller store here in germany. I bought from them and had good communication before my purchase and got a really great guitar https://www.musikhaus-hermann.de/gibson-sj200-standard-2018-antique-natural-42933/ Don't know if they ship to Isreal, and if so, whats the return policy. If I was in the market for a J-200 I would hunt down a used j-200 True Vintage in natural!
  14. man, everytime you post a pic of your j-150 I want ! Ever considered a a nice j-200 TRC? I think it would look great. Sorry for getting off topic.
  15. That was nice, thank you very much! You know, there was a time when I could stop almost any thread on this forum simple by posting. Seems like these times are over, don't know if thats a good or a bad thing. Mayby I'll try my favorite emoticon which seem to work like a charm back in the day....
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