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  1. Quick update: I've been a little sick over the past to weeks, so was the guy from Gibson CS, that I've been talking to. That explains the slow communication on their side. Now I've been talking to some other guy and we're sticking to the old plan. I'm getting a new 2020 model guitar, but I have to wait (2-3 month, I guess under the new circumstances even longer) for it. I also talked to the shop again and I have to say I have a reversed opinion now. Gibson CS europe is great to deal with and I'm pretty confident it'll all work out. The shop on the other hand.... there is a saying in german: If you can say anything good about someone, don't say anything at all....mayby one thing: I will never ever buy there again.
  2. Yes I owe them nothing, but they owe me. First of all, the guitar I want (ed) seems to be not available right now. Since prizes increased quite a bit since my original purchase, I have to add at least another grand to get somewhere near the ballpark. Really? Won't happen, as I said, if I go the refund route, I won't be looking at Gibsons any longer.
  3. Though I'm thinking about the refund option, I seem to do this for other reasons. Besides the fact the dealer send me an unchecked guitar, the dealer - unlike Gibson - seems to do everything to solve this issue, it seems I got the replacement on their initiative, they always react prompt to my calls and e-mails and they gave my various options. Its also not their fault they had - at least - two defective gibsons in stock, guess they never dreamed of heaving a second one with a twisted neck - to me thats on Gibsons poor quality/ quality control (remember we are talking 2018 models, hopefully some things have changed since). On the other hand, Gibson customer service needs about 5 days to over a week to respond to E-mails and they did not answer all my questions or don't answer at all. Guess I'm try to talk to them via phone on monday and see what they have to offer to solve this. A refund from the dealer would mean I'm done with new Gibsons!
  4. Didn't know Martin is doing electrics, I'll be looking into that. πŸ™„ (I was actually thinking of getting another bozeman git, instead of an elcetric) And no, gibson did not stop making guitars, just seems like they come serially with a twisted neck nowadays, a feature that doesn't correspond with my personal preference, thats all.
  5. After I inspected the guitar I called the shop immediately. Since its a big box store, I talked to a woman from the return department, she said, she was sorry, but in the end, she was not the one responsible to send out this guitar without any inspection or whatsoever. I think, thats the way it is, when dealing with such stores or big companies like gibson. You won't get any single human being to take responsibility. She told me, I could choose something else from their inventory or have a refund, since gibson can't deliver a new guitar right now. Funny side note, after receiving the guitar I send an angry E-Mail to gibson customer service right away. A few minutes later I received an E-Mail stating, that they had arranged everything with the shop to get me a replacement. Well this e-mail was an answer to one of my e-mails from a week ago inquiring about delivery time of the new models. By the way, there's no way for me to talk to US customer service, but lying about my location, which doesn't seem reasonable to me. Right now I'm tending towards a refund and spending my money elsewhere.
  6. πŸ˜†that however did work.... for a few seconds
  7. I know, i was just trying to cher myself up. But no matter how you spell it, you're right!
  8. guys, this is one of the days I wish I never sold my trusty Les Paul, 28 years of abuse (left in trunks over night in the winter, thrown into drum sets, broke headstock three times, left in the car on hot summer days, you name it) but zero issues, neck straight as arrow...😒
  9. "K rap" is that a new hip hop sub genre I'm not aware of?
  10. So, the brown truck was here, guitar is going back tomorrow, guess what? The replacement they sent me- besides other small issues - has a slight twist in the neck! Can't say more right now, speechless!
  11. I'm awaiting the brown truck today, keep your fingers crossed. I must say, I'm o.K. with the NOS option, actually its cool I get the exact same model, just hoping its a good one and that the store really had it in store and not on display for the last two years. The communication felt kind of strange though, gibson customer service already gave me a list from new models to choose from. I asked about the various models regarding neck profileand time of delivery but never heard back from them, instead I got the E-mail from the shop stating what you already know. Whatever, I keep you posted, thanks for your concern and input.
  12. Today I received an e-mail from the shop, stating that since gibson can't deliver new guitars right now, I'll be getting an NOS one they have lying around. Its the exact same model I had, a memphis 1963 Es 335. Now I'm getting real nervous. I never doubted my old guitar was ****ed, never doubted Gibson would be caring for it, my concern was always, what can I do, when I get a new guitar I just don't like as much as the old one. Its not like getting a new laptop or something. Don't want to came across unthankful, but I told the story above, it was a long search and now I'm stuck with whatever they send me.
  13. Hello, just wanted to give you a quick update. Gibson customer service europe contacted me. They told me, my guitar cannot be repaired and that I will get a new one. Since they don't make the 1963 any longer, I can choose between different reissue models, guess I will go for teh 1964 but I'm not sure yet. Did anyone play the new reissue models yet and can elaborate on the different neckprofiles? I need a c-profile which runs down all the neck, the profiles that become more of a D as you get closer to the body (like I found on most es I played in my search) really hurt my hand.
  14. In Germany there's a 2 year period, so no problem on that side. The shop was willing to take it in and yes, they send it to gibson. I send an email to gibson customer service yesterday, but haven't heard back yet.
  15. Though I also vote for trying a vintage/true vintage model first, after reading the OP again, maybe you should just go with the one you played that blew you away.
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