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  1. Your readings are pretty similar to the custom buckers in my 2020 Es 355. Wish my covers were shiny too! But you are right, on vos guitars the covers are normally lightly aged. I second the Sgt.'s advice. Did you bought it used or nos?
  2. since the pickups is from 2018 and the t-type humbucker wasn't introduced back then, my guess is burtsbucker 1 & 2 but I found a 2019 satin dot model, where the shop stated mhs pups on their spec shed. Guess only Gibson can answer this one for sure.
  3. eh, guys, this is a Gibson forum, so most people here are Gibson enthusiasts/fan boys/idiots/ disciples. And you wonder, that they talk about an artist playing a gibson?? Maybe some here should attend a forum for failed comedians or dedicated to guitar-nerd-bashing.
  4. I gave you a "thanks" for that one - guess its because I liked U2 as a teenager. Back to the the OPs question. I looked at reverb and some other sides. I was kind of surprised, how cheap they seem to be in the US, over here in Europe (you are in europe, right? at least kind of) they seem to go between 2500 - 4500 €. A new Es 355, which is the closest to your lucille, is about 5800,- new, so bottom line: Be happy, you have a guitar you really like and its worth a lot to you, and you would have to pay at least twice as much, if you were on the hunt for a equivalent guitar.
  5. Oh, this Zappa guy is one hot looking dude, but I do not want to hear words or lyrics coming out of his mouth.
  6. 😂hilarious, such a fun thread, rofl
  7. the only thing that made me laugh was the couch you presented your guitars on. now that was really funny.
  8. why in the world does a thread regarding a guitar request turn into a thread about taylor swift, somebody seems to like her. and what a warm welcome for a newbie
  9. this truss rod cover looks ugly, so does the paint job, but what really would scare me is the binding on the treble side - good for you that it does not sound like it looks
  10. I think the knobs on your ES are totally normal, actually the one from 2018 with the 70ies style knobs looks kind of unusual to me. I went through a lot of ES 335s the last couple of years, no matter if it was the cheapest production line guitar or the most expensive custom shop guitar, they all had the knobs sticking out like yours. If it bothers you that much, you can put an additional washer under the knob, which is kind of tricky but possible.
  11. run! run! run! it's a fake, for sure. Just to name a few odds: Wrong headstock wrong fretboard inlays logo and Inlay on headstock look wrong far east bridge fake bigsby wrong pickguard, wrong pickguard bracket fake case and its a fake of 355 not a 335, just google Gibson ES 355, you will notice the differences! Maybe 150,- $ is a fair price.
  12. Gibson made some limited j-35, that were more like "TV" or nowadays "Vintage" guitars, with period correct headstock, bridge, case and whatnot. like this one. I'd guess it'll take a little more to fake this model, which isn't the OPs intention anyway. Whatever, wish I had a luthier to trust, I would let him do some unethical things to my guitars😜
  13. I used virtuose cleaner and polish to make the satin finish on my es 335 look a little more shiny, treated the headstock just like the rest. The result came pretty close to the vos finish on high end gibsons, if you look closer you see, its just a little rougher. Go figure!
  14. There was a message ? 🤡 You people really crack me up.
  15. It's a fake! pickguard, especially the bracket is wrong! Case and logo on the case too. Position of the switch is wrong, guess there's more, but the pics are not that great.
  16. No, no, the replacement from the retailer, the red one in the last pic had a slight twist, the ES 355s neck is dead straight. Everything's fine!
  17. besides having a slight twist in the neck, the main issue with the guitar shown in my last picture (Which was sent to me by the shop as a replacement for the defective guitar) is not the small chip in the finish, but the shrunken binding or / and the frets sticking out (whatever it was caused by), the guitars neck felt like a mogul field (hope that makes sense). It was not just an aesthetic problem, it felt and played real bad. I never complained about fit and finish issues on this board, but I can: The guitar, that I bought and that was accepted as a warranty case by gibson becau
  18. I don't expect people to read my lengthy posts, but commenting, when you didn't even get half of the story is beyond me.
  19. Hi everyone I posted about a warranty claim a few month back - if you want the whole story, look here after the shop sent me a nos replacement guitar that I send back immediately, because it some unacceptable issues (see pic at the very end) I decided to deal with Gibson Customer Service Europe only. After I decided to wait for the a 1964 reissue to be delivered to CSE from the states, the corona thing got out of hand, and it was clear I had to wait even longer for the replacement guitar. Then CSE told me they had one new custom shop guitar I could have, si
  20. To me there are two essential guitar designs: 1) Gibson style set neck, humbucker guitars (Les Pauls, SGs, Es 335 etc.) 2) Fender style bolt-on neck guitars with single coils. (Strats and t I own a ES 355 (basically a 335) and a Telecaster, nothing wrong with a SG, though. Oh and I know a lot might disagree, there are more cool electrics to consider, p-90 equipped Gibsons, Richenbacker or Gretsch guitars, but to me those are not essential. One more thing, a good guitar(tube-) amp is mandatory, its like 50% - if not more - of the sound of an electric guitar.
  21. I think the variation between the TV/Vintage models and the standard models is the only thing, were Bozeman guitars are really different. The TV/Vintage models are lighter build and its not just about a different top bracing. Therefore TV/Vintage models are lighter and react faster and more sensitive to your touch/ attack, which isn't necessarily a good thing. I'd say try both and see what you like better.
  22. Hi there and thanks! actually a new guitar is on its way, it'll be here next week. Its not the model I initially wanted, but hey its a gibson es style guitar. Gibson Customer Service Europe has been great so far. I'll report back, when the guitar is finally in my hands. Guess its gonna be in another thread.
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