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  1. I owned one of these very briefly around 1996. It was Ferrari red, and had a stock pickup/control configuration. I played it for two songs live, then sold it right away. It was not my cup of tea- it was neck heavy, and no matter what I did - it always sounded "planky", like someone dropping a 2x4 on a concrete floor. If the bass works for you, then ride it like you stole it. I actually like the natural look of the wood over "hair metal red", so I would keep it as is, or have it profesionally refinished in a nice clear coat, translucent, or burst. Just my opinion. It's cool to see the map
  2. Based on the specs, I'm sure they are. Has anyone here had a chance to do an A/B comparison with the 335 Bass? Curious as to the acoustic differences since they seem to be completely different animals, despite looking darn near alike.
  3. Thanks to the AMS sale, I've added a Les Paul and Midtown to my arsenal. Both play fantastic, but the LP seems to work a little better with my live band than the Midtown. Even though I love the look of the Midtown and that neck pickup is pure chocolate with the tone rolled off, overall it seems a bit too soft at times. We'll see... Perhaps the 335 Bass may be next on my list!
  4. My local Guitar Center has a new faded/worn finish Flying V bass in Cherry, and they say they had just sold an Explorer bass in a faded/worn in walnut or sunburst finish. Anyone have any info on these? The guys at Guitar Center seemed to think they were GC in store only special models. At $899 they seemed like a great deal. I really enjoyed the V - the neck was wider than a T-bird, but the QC was spot on and it sounded great through an Ampeg BA115.
  5. Bob - I have a Thunderbird Studio 5 string that the B seemed very weak on. At first I thought maybe it was the pickups. But after trying different strings and adjusting the pickup height, I found that lowering the pickup on the B string side (screwing it in, moving it away from the string) actually increased the volume. Sounds counter-intuitive, but it worked. I know the TB+ pickups have changed over the years, so mine are likley different from yours but it might be worth a shot.
  6. HELLO!

    I am looking for a Gibson B15, i can see from some posts that you have one. I am willing to pay a good price. Are you interested?


  7. I would never rely on monitors for your onstage sound. Most PA's I've ever gigged through have monitors set up to handle vocals - not low ended instruments like bass, druns, or even keys. Plus, if the monitor amp goes down - you're screwed. Always use an onstage amp. What you use will depend on what kind of sound your after, and what you are willing to haul. For blues, a 100 Watt amp into a 15" speaker should work fine. If you are just starting out - don't get hung up on things like brand name and tube/solid state. I also wouldn't run just Bass - to DI box - to board. Soundmen like that set up
  8. Lot's of options these days for replacement Bird pups: Lull, Lollar, Bartolini, Thunderbuckers, and even EMG now has a Bird shaped pup. I used a Lull in the bridge of my Epi Bird, and kept the neck pup since I always roll the tone off the neck anyway and leave the bridge unaffected (I rewired my controls). For the tone you're looking for - my bet would be to check out the EMG's unless you have a custom one made by SDG.
  9. Yep, I've seen those. Nice looking basses. The one I'm wondering about is a Gibson though...
  10. Gibson is really on a roll for basses this year - the DC Les Paul, the Shortscale Tbird, Explorer, Flying V, Oversized Les Paul, Nirvanna RD, and a Cherry Thunderbird! I almost pulled the trigger on the new cherry Thunderbird - but have been told by two sources that a white Thunderbird has been made as well and will soon be coming out. Any "official" confirmation of this? As much as I love that cherry finish, I think I'd hold out for white.
  11. I haven't seen one yet in a store to try out - the Gold Top looks incredible though, and I like the specs on the larger body size.
  12. Another new one from Musikmesse... "Gibson's new Les Paul Junior Double Cutaway bass has a mahogany body and neck, a 30 1/2" scale, a Corian nut, Grover Shamrock tuners, and TB Plus neck and TB mini-humbucker bridge pickups"
  13. I had heard about the EB-11, also heard rumors of an Explorer with 80's graphics, and possibly the NR Thunderbird project as well.
  14. Return of the LP Standard bass! :) Ok, what else is around the corner? http://www.samedaymusic.com/product--GIBBA11
  15. Purely aesthetic reasons. Same as a lot of the other components. I'll never get the opportunity or have the funds to own/gig out a vintage '60's Gibson, so I wanted this to look as close as possible. I really should have used a TRC that has gold lettering, but I had the silver one already and it adds to the chromed out look. I've even thought of swapping the thick Epi pick gurad for a thinner .060 Gibson guard, and adding a '60's tail piece behind the three point bridge. Greco Thunderbirds have that combination, and with the bridge cover the three way isn't that noticeable. Those mods are way
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