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  1. Thanks forty. Yes, it does sound every bit as good as it looks. I absolutely love the sound of a good Gibson acoustic and this one surely does not disappoint. It came set up so well that playing it is a breeze. I honestly cannot give it any bad marks. If anyone is on the fence about owning a Dove I wholeheartedly say go for it!
  2. Hi EDP. You will not go wrong with a Dove. I also own a maple SJ-200 and love it. I too always wanted to own a Dove. Well it just so happens my wife wanted me to have one black guitar. Being the nice guy that I am I did not want to disappoint her. I told her I would look into it. I looked for months to find a black Dove and finally found one at the Music Zoo last September. Here is a link to the actual Dove I purchased: https://www.themusiczoo.com/products/gibson-dove-acoustic-electric-ebony-made-2-measure I absolutely love this guitar. Very full sounding and really compliments my mahogany J-45 and Hummingbird. Oh, and my wife loves both the look and sound, as do I. Plus the Music Zoo was great to work with. I got a satisfactory price, it was shipped on time, and the follow up customer service was great. First time doing business with them but I would go there again. If you want a Dove get a Dove. Life is too short. Enjoy!
  3. I also bought my J-45 at Wildwood Mr. Paul. I worked with a salesperson by the name of Bruce. Very professional and knowledgeable person. I am completely satisfied with the price and customer service from Wildwood. They were upfront and shot me out their best price right away. They sent pictures of my actual guitar before purchase so I could get a good look at it. They called when it was shipped. It was set up the way I asked at no extra charge. I would buy from Wildwood again in a heart beat!
  4. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am the frаgile and gentle wоmаn who needs a strong and reliаble partner in lifе.

    My photo here https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Espgnlo

  5. Kid, I had the same type of problem with my Hummingbird. I would stick it down, it would come up. After dealing with this for longer than I wanted to I finally decided to take my guitar to my trusty techs at Hoffman Guitars in Minneapolis. Only an hour away and they do all my work on my guitars. I showed them the problem, they fixed it, it has never happened again, and I have the peace of mind of having it done right. Sure it cost a few bucks to have it done but to me those dollars bought peace of mind. Just another solution on the subject. Good luck. Love my J200 too!
  6. Each time I got a new guitar I waited at least a couple of months to get it in for a setup. In some cases, if for instance I got it in the spring when we go from very low humidity in Minnesota to normal/high humidity in summer, I have waited till the humidity got to some sort of "normal" level then took it in. Same as if I bought in the fall going into winter with the humidity doing the opposite. But whatever you do, indeed get a setup. Can make all the difference in the world in playability. The cost surely justifies the outcome. Hope that helps!
  7. Well Mike I have three TD-35's. I also have numerous other picks as we all do. I like the quality of the Blue Chip. On of the main reasons I like it is it doesn't have that clackity pick noise you hear with many other picks. I also have both a J-45 and a Hummingbird and love the sound of the Blue Chip with both. Not dull, not harsh, just right. You also want to keep track of where you put them, not a good thing to lose a pick of that price. The question of can you justify the price? Well compared to the cost of most of the guitars we play it's a pretty small price. And if you like them you're not going to keep reminding yourself how much you paid for that pick while you're enjoying the music it produces from your guitar. We can only justify our purchases to ourselves, it really doesn't matter what others think. I fell you'll be happy with either of those picks on your Gibsons...I know I sure do. Good luck!
  8. While my guitar gently weeps. Thanks for the giveaway and happy new year!
  9. My first capo was a Hamilton. I'm sure an orthodontist somewhere invented this one. That thing is huge! Heavy duty like a 53 Buick. I still have the thing and it still is as shiny as the first day I bought it. Man, can't fault the workmanship on this one. But now I'm a Shubb guy all the way. I have one in every guitar case. Best capo out there for me. But I still love my old Hamilton!!! I'm sure some of you still remember them, maybe even still have one!
  10. I just got my new Gibson J-45 a week ago Monday from Wildwood Guitars in Colorado. I love Gibson acoustics and this one is no exception. The anticipation of getting it is half the fun. I live in Minnesota so of course the day it came, we had record low temps, lows in the 30's, highs in the 40's, and we had snow flakes. Just shouldn't happen even in Minnesota. So the big brown truck didn't come until 4 that afternoon. Now its sat out in 30s and 40s for 5 days and nights so I couldn't tear open the box and open up the case until the guitar acclimated to my house. So I waited from 4 on Monday till noon on Tuesday before I opened up that baby. But it was worth every minute of the wait! Guitar survived the weather and my waiting. Happy playing once you get it. You won't regret it!
  11. You know fatstrat, there are other ways of keeping mama warm and happy than a warm mist humidifier. And it ain't unplugging the cool mist humidifier either!
  12. It is a Holmes Cool Mist Comfort Humidifier HM1865-NU. This one has a replaceable filter which will cost you around $8.00. It even has a gauge that tells you when the filter needs changing. It just uses regular tap water. Not real loud either, although you can hear the fan running. I was so impressed with the first one I bought two more and put one in our living room and one in our bedroom. If you Google the model number you can read all about them, plus see pictures. The little humidity/temperature gauge I got at Wal-mart was a AcuRite Digital Humidity and Temperature Monitor. Well under $10, I bought three of those too. Can see it on their website. Good luck Sal.
  13. Oh, and yes while you're at it. Pick up some inexpensive humidity/temp gauges at Wal-mart. I paid around $8.00 each for mine. They are all within a percent or two of each other on humidity, way close enough for guitar purposes. And they agree with the humidity level I have set on my humidifier. All cheap investments and well worth it.
  14. I bought a $50 room humidifier at a local fleet supply store. It puts out a cold mist which means you won't get a powdery substance all over your room from the vapor like a heated mist does. I had a heated mist humidifier last year and learned that lesson as my room looked like the world just suffered a nuclear disaster. This humidifier has a built in humidistat. I dial it up to 45% and when it hits that level it shuts off. Starts up again automatically as needed. I live in Minnesota...nuff said. Cold and lack of humidity is a fact of life from November through March. However my guitars are all cozy and properly humidified with the room humidifier. Maybe this will work for others.
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