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  1. Go play one first before you commit to it.
  2. "The grass ain't greener The wine ain't sweeter Either side of the hill"
  3. Some nice flames there. "It can ring like fire when you lose your way"
  4. DR Pure Blues has become my go-to string set. Great response and longevity.
  5. Been using Dunlop straplocks for years. Haven't had any failures Got a Levy Strap from my wife for Christmas. VERY comfty!!!!!
  6. I agree. Your girl is around another corner..........
  7. I don't mean to sound too heavy handed but, Question 1 Why change to a P90? What exactly are you looking for? Question 2 Is there something wrong with the finish? Why the re-paint? Definitely not an easy task. Do you have any experience in re-finishing guitars? Not something to try out for the first time on a Dot. Best to get a clunker to fool with first. Don't get me wrong, re-doing a guitar is a great exercise and accomplishment. But I would start small (snd cheap) before I tear into a Dot. ps I love my Dot ....can't you tell?
  8. DoyleCoils http://www.doylecoils.com/
  9. If you can....play them all and the guitar will choose you.
  10. Congrats!!!!!!!!!! Classy looking LP
  11. On sale at GC http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson/2015-Les-Paul-Less-Plus-Commemorative-Electric-Guitar-Fire-Burst-1444787809640.gc?source=4TP6B8BA
  12. My kids bought me this for my 60th birthday last year We are truly blessed
  13. Beautiful guitar! GREAT SON!!!!!!!!!!!
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