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  1. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree - Dawn feat Tony Orlando
  2. thanks for posting, i have been considering the Les Paul Futura since i seen it online but was still undecided as to whether to take the plunge and try (and possibly buy) one
  3. looking forward to the album coming out - booked my tickets for their Glasgow show this morning
  4. 1. Visit the McLaren Technology Centre (likely to happen) 2. Return to Japan and see Mount Fuji and Kyoto (saving my pennies hard!) 3. Own a Deusenberg (saving pennies in a separate jar from the Japan fund) 4. Drive a race car (very unlikely) 5. Finish my Diploma (i'm getting there...slowly)
  5. one of my favourite ever songs, and my favourite version of it thanks for sharing it :)
  6. Thanks for the suggestion Ryan, ill switch them and out the JB in the bridge. Pictures of my attempts will be posted, project will comnence when I have finished decorating my house (need to build up some brownie points with the Mrs!) :unsure:
  7. I still havent found what I'm looking for - U2
  8. Hi all I have a Vintage SG that I have had lying around for a while. Largely ignored but I have thought about making it in to a mini project. The first thing would to bin the pickups (they sound horrific), however I have no idea which pickups to buy. I was thinking of a Seymour Duncan JB SH-4 in the neck and a Seymour Duncan Alinco II in the bridge. I play rock, blues and a little metal so looking for something that can give me a nice clean blues tones but one that can also be turned up to 11 for a bit of rocking out Anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for th
  9. Dave From a fellow cat lover im sorry to hear about your loss, even though Beni never suffered it still doesnt take away the pain. Ive also said goodbye to a few cats before but the joy they brought will always remain. RIP Beni
  10. Always been a big fan of a white LP...this is definitely on my wish list!
  11. Same colour as my 60's tribute -absolutely gorgeous guitar
  12. My answer is kind of two answers. I have a floor stand that i keep my Acoustic Guitar and one of my electrics (usually my Strat) on. My other guitars (including my Les Paul) sit upright in their cases, i also detune the ones in their cases to prevent neck tension.
  13. That Deusenberg is stunning, how does it play?
  14. we all need a room just like that one!
  15. I have been making eyes at the Sapphire online and was going to visit GuitarGuitar in Glasgow tomorrow to test it. What caused you to wait, was it just the colour or was there something else?
  16. I started playing in 1996 on a Squier Strat my mum got me for Christmas that year (I still have it although it's completely discoloured and a bit battered), I bought my first Gibson in 2013 so it took me 17 years. The problem is I now want to buy more Gibsons (much to my wife's dismay!)
  17. Sorry Zeplin, my bad. Its a 60's tribute...the Custom Shop guitars are a tiny bit out my price range at the moment!
  18. Gorgeous guitar there, if I take the plunge I will post the pictures
  19. I work and study but try to aim for at least 30 minutes 6 days a week and on the 7th day i practice for about 2 hours. If i get a spare 10-15 minutes i'll pick up my acoustic and have a quick noodle around on that, i also have a guitar i keep downstairs and if i'm watching something on TV will grab it for a minute between commercial breaks
  20. Seen a Les Paul Ultra III advertised in my local music shop. Very nice in Midnight Sapphire I have no experience of Epiphone, but have heard mostly good things. I currently have a 60's re-issue Gibson Les Paul, but have taken a shine to this particular guitar Anyone got any comments on Epiphone, does anyone have an Ultra III and if ever buying an Epiphone (i notice they do some really nice semi-acoustics) is there anything i should look out for? Thanks in advance :)
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