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  1. The new "Original" collection Junior is as good as they come. You needn't look any furter.
  2. 1950's Les Pauls came with pickguards. So did yours. I would much rather have Gibson install the pickguard because when they don't place the pickup surrounds correctly I don't have to raise hell with the dealer or try to modify the guard or drill new pickup surround holes. If you just leave your pickguard alone you will never see the ding on the finish.
  3. One you get a hard case. The Standard comes with a gig back. One isn't better than the other. Try both and see which one feels better to play.
  4. curnla

    mini tune

    Remove the thing and put a proper set of tuners one it. That thing will give you nothing but trouble.
  5. Naptha is the stuff to use on lacquer. When I heard "fingernail polish" I jumped out of my chair and shouted, "Oh My God!"
  6. I really haven't posted much of anything here but this topic interested me in that it got me to wondering if any of Gibson's stuff, or Epiphone for that matter, is actually plated in gold. Gold and silver plating is expensive, at least when I've had it done. Most watches that aren't extremely expensive are "Yellow" plated. I have a name brand Swiss watch that I paid well over $1000.00 for and it is "Yellow" plated. Other watches in that price range that are gold just don't mention at all what they are plated with. This leads me to belive that they really aren't plated with gold. Before I looked into having hardware plated in gold I would try to verify with Gibson that their stuff is actually gold or really just "Yellow."
  7. Thank you so much for your help. I have contacted Gibson an am awaiting a reply. However, I'm also considering a hand wired harness.
  8. I have a question regarding a design flaw in my 2016 Gibson SG Standard. Along with the allegedly "normal" static electricity popping and crackling issues, when I touch or in extreme cases place my whole hand on the control plate I get extremely loud buzzing through any amp I own. This also happens with every cable I use. What I do know is that the PCB mounted input jack extends too high in the control cavity and it touches the control plate. The problem is eliminated when the back plate is removed. Does anyone have any thoughts? I saw a thread on some forum where the OP had the same issue, reported it to Gibson and Gibson would not address the issue. I don't know if he gave up or if there was resolution. Help is needed.
  9. I don't know about rarity, but that is one beautiful guitar. I bought a brand new '73 Standard at the end of 1972. Your guitar is making me want to take a time machine trip. I wish I'd kept my '73, but I was very young and thought I needed the money more than the guitar.
  10. In order to keep the strings off the back of the bridge on my '16 I had to jack the tailpiece to a ridiculous height. I have never subscribed to the idea that tailpieces should be lowered to the deck as this puts too much downward force on the bridge. However the height that my tailpiece reached was insane. To solve the problem, I tried top wrapping. What a major improvement! Now I love my '16 Standard and all is well with the universe.
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