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  1. Congrats Brian I picked up an EBM-5 in black a few months ago at a Pawn shop in Toronto they had a $329.00 tag on it but I was able to talk the owner's daughter down to $110.00 they didn't know about the active Pups and only needed a new battery. My hardware polished up pretty good with Gibson's Vintage Reissue Restoration Kit.
  2. I Just picked up an '04 Dot Deluxe for $300 CDN in absolute mint condition and it instantly became my favourite axe. Have wanted one since my brother borrowed my '59 Dot with D'armond Pups and it was stolen within a week, they left both his guitars, that was 25 years ago. I like it even better than the '92 Gretsch White Falcon I sold 10 years ago.
  3. Don't be so cheap "Bender 4 Life" it's a custom now I'll triple your investment, nice looking axe, how does it play, I just bought a 08 LP Special II in showroom condition for $60Cdn. my first Epi since my 1959 335 with De Armond pickups, that was stolen from my brother's place after I foolishly let him borrow it two week earlier that was 20 years ago, and I'm still waiting for him to replace it, All I got was a sorry and they left his Ibanez on the stand) Congratz'
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