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  1. Seems that this guitar has disappeared from Thoman's website. No details but no longer on the product list. Can't find any other information on this guitar on the internet. Would have loved to get this model so it looks like we will have to wait
  2. Got the same guitar same colour. I play through a Vox vt40 and I love it. Great tones and really in your face if it gets cranked up. Goes nicely with my Gibson SG standard traditional.
  3. Those restored videos look amazing. Looking forward to seeing them all and listening on a good system.
  4. I'm from East Grinstead and I use Bulldog music,in Ship Street for all guitar related work. Pop in to see them if you need advice on anything. It's a father and son who run it and they are really helpful. Great little shop run by good people.
  5. I'm sure he was plugged directly into the mixing desk for that one. Not sure how but they recorded that in a tiny room at Abbey Road with cables going up the stairs to the control room.
  6. Sorry if this is an old thread but I want to replace the bridge in my MIC Casino. It must look original and have pre notched saddles. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance for your help
  7. Got an Orange crush micro and that thing rocks.
  8. My MIC casino sounds pretty good with stock pups. I love the tone
  9. I did mean Carnuaba wax (gerlitz). Should I leave well alone for a while? Let the finish settle ? I think I'll just use a microfibre cloth and guitar polish for fingerprints .
  10. Should I use wax or cleaner on a brand new SG standard or should I leave to cure for a while. It was made in February 2014 but only this month sold to me, so it has sat in its case for a year. Any views please.
  11. What's the best product to clean and preserve my 2014 SG standard and MIC Casino ?
  12. Such a lovely thing to hold and play. Not sure how to put pics on this site. Any idea ?
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