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  1. Since this is a solid body instrument, it probably has no natural tone, so the pickup won't really affect anything.
  2. E-minor7 says,"The logic is that the lesser tension would bring the neck forward (more up-bow), thus create higher action." Lessening the tension will REDUCE the pull on the neck, which will reduce the up-bow, creating a LOWER action.
  3. Several times in different threads, people have recommended plastic string winders for changing strings. WARNING:These can scratch the edge of your headstock if you have tuners with small knobs. I have a 1992 Collings D2H with small Waverly tuners. After using a winder several times to change strings, I noticed many small circular scratches in the finish on the edge of the headstock. They were caused by the winder going down too far over the knob. Not much can be done now, except warning others. BE WARNED!
  4. I've owned a Collings D-2h for over 20 years.(One of the early ones- serial #554) It is still one of the best guitars I've ever played. My mandolin family is all Gibsons, though. If I could figure out how to post a picture of them, I'd show them to you.
  5. RNC is on the right track, with a little adjustment. The tuning IS in open C. I'm pretty sure it is (low to high) CBDGBD, which with the capo makes it CEGCEG. This way only three strings are different than standard. His F chord uses 6th fret on the second string and 7th fret on the fourth string.
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