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  1. Noah Kahan. But unfortunately here he plays a Taylor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIPBi890hsk
  2. There are a few slight variations through the years, mainly with binding around the neck being down all the way or not. I have a SW EC and love it. To me, it has a much more complex tone than many other Rosewood backed guitars. It looks great and sounds even better!
  3. I had an HB just as you described, mainly the low E. In playing other Gibby's I find this tends to affect the shorter scales more than the longer, but maybe that's just me.
  4. Zombie thread.... Picked up a mid 90s J30 and having owned a modern era HB as well there are similarities and differences. My J30 is a Banner Logo and 25.5 scale. Because of the longer scale, to me there was more sustain and more depth in tone, meaning more bass and more trebles. The HB had a very complex tone (good thing) and was rich in the rhythm type playing it was made for. What it lacked in sustain that J30 has it makes up for in the rich overtones, more in the midrange.
  5. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience playing the J-200 Jr? I have a J-150 that I love and play out quite a bit, but was curious what kind of difference the smaller jumbo would make, obviously besides slightly less bass and a slightly smaller size to play, Both the J-150 and J-200 Jr have maple back and sides, to at least the Jr's I have been looking at.
  6. Man, if I lived out there I'd apply for a summer job at least. Don't think my wife and kids would be keen on a move:)
  7. How are the plastic headstock mechanisms? I've read some bad reviews. I have a multi stand by Hercules but for a single I use this an Ulimtat Support Gs200
  8. I just put elixir 12s on my j150 nano web I think. Sounds better than D'Addarios to me, and I've used D'Addario for years.
  9. Just got back from a show and really loved sound of the K&K though my J150. Gotta be careful with taping on the top (I like to be percussive at times) but though my Fishman aura spectrum it sounded great in the mix. I hope to try a Red Eye DI soon, but certainly think I'll put a Pure mini in my AJ. I had a Baggs M80 in the J150, and personally I didn't care for it.
  10. I had one in the past on a Martin D-16GT, but sold the guitar. I'm having one put into a J-150 and probably into an AJ in a couple weeks. I don't have the first hand experience yet to tell you how it plays live, but hopefully in the near future. I have heard/read online about it sounding more natural than a UST and it also helps to go through a pretty transparent DI like a Red Eye or the like.
  11. I know I go against the grain of most, especially fingerpickers, but I like a bigger guitar for everything, from a dreadnaught to a jumbo.
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