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  1. They feel loose. And possibly slipping. I am attaching an image. These are not the same tuners. But similar. I didn't think they were truly sealed? I have Gotohs that are sealed. I thought because of the hole in these that it may be possible that the lubricant has depleted over time.
  2. I have a 2013 SGJ. The tuning machines are starting to feel like there is a little give when I tune the guitar. Is it possible to take the tuners off and grease them? Will that help get the tension back? Thanks Greg
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  4. I hit my strings pretty hard on my LP and SGs. I am having some tuning issues with the Low E and I think it's because of my string attack. If I play an E chord then I hear some If I intonate my guitars so i'm just slightly flat will that help? Thanks
  5. And using the method that doesn't involve harmonics paid off in regards to my SG. Although the saddle is back pretty far. It's not as far as it was. And the intonation is spot on.
  6. For the record, I did something I usually don't do. I didn't use harmonics on the 12th fret when I intonated my Strat and my Les Paul a couple of nights ago just to see what would happen (haven't done the SG yet). The Strat and the LP are spot on. And I believe it's because I simply plucked the open string and then fretted the 12th. As opposed to fretting the 12th harmonically and then pressed down to see if it needs adjusted. Thanks to everyone who chimed in.
  7. Damn. I opened up a can of worms here. Might as well segue into another heated debate. Was there a person on the grassy knoll? And did he or she tune harmonically or with open strings?
  8. So will this cause any issues since the saddles are already notched for their respective string gauge?
  9. Yes. I play the open string (with a finger) and then play the 12th fret harmonically. All is fine up to that point. I then press down on the string at the 12th fret where I would typically press if I were playing and use that as a basis for intonating. I have a Les Paul and another SG. I can intonate those just fine. So I'm up on the tune-o-matic bridge intonation procedure. Just thinking I'm not adjusting the height correctly. Sorry I turned this into a debate on harmonics.
  10. Sorry. Nashville. I was looking at a Gotoh Nashville bridge. It has a little bit more back and forth adjustability at the saddles.
  11. I’m trying to wrap my head around the intonation process. I have a 2013 SG and the saddle on the G is about as far back as it can go. And it is still sharp or maybe a couple of cents off. And of course if I move the saddle forward then it will increase the sharpness of the string. The bridge side with the high strings is about as low it can go while the bridge on the low side is pretty good as far as the action that I am looking for on the E, A and D strings. If I raise the bridge on the high strings am I increasing or decreasing the distance from the 12th fret to the saddle? And will lowering the bridge on the low side also help? I don’t want to tear into the bridge and flip the saddle if at all possible. Any recommendations? Or can someone recommend a different bridge with a wider length of adjustment for the saddles?
  12. I pulled the dirty fingers out of mine and put 57/57+ in them too. Love the sound. Also put a tusq nut on it.
  13. Never mind. I discovered Gibson started using their PCB's in 2008.
  14. Looking at a used one. Does anyone know if the 2007 models have quick connect pickups? I had an 2008 that did. Was wondering when they started that.
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