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  1. Didn't watch the Andertons video, since I saw that alreadt on tps. The liquid one is cool but I find other Rainger FX pedals more interesting. Dr. Freakenstein Chop Fuzz and the Drone for example. There where other builders in that episode that also sounded very cool in my opinion.
  2. Saw it recently on tps with a few other examples wich are pretty interesting! Personally I would go for the Brothers, if I needed one of this things.
  3. Maple may look odd, but you can't really see it while playing. I was also very happy to have that on my 13 LPJ when I bumped the headstock into a wall. And for those with more than one Lester, it's one of the things that really have an influence on how the guitar sounds and behaves, wich to me is a good thing.
  4. Well this certainly looks very small! https://youtu.be/TNgGS1bvOlc
  5. Well it's more or less what I play. And it does all of it really good. At least to my ears I really enjoy the overdrive for Allman stuff. It has lot's of gain but I wouldn't choose it for modern metal. The clean channel is absolute killer once you turn it up to overdrive, but as you can imagine it gets LOUD. The dirt channel is also very good, and it even sounds good at lower volumes, wich is a tad more problematic with an AD. But there is one little probem wich is the lack of 3 band eq, you have a shape knob instead. Perfect for me but lots of people dislike this feature. Best thing is probably to try one. One of the better videos out there:
  6. Jeezzzzz..... After a quick look on the net it looks like there may be not as many of those things as I thought. I found the Fryette Power Station but compared to this one the bad cat seems to be the affordable option. Good grief, for that money you could buy a new amp!! https://www.fryette.com/power-station-integrated-reactance-amplifier/
  7. The two reasons why I have a TH30 on top of my two PPC112's is the lack of fx loop of the AD and the Clean Channel of the TH. Although I must say that I also absolutely love the AD on clean settings, it's a killer amp. Now, because I still want an OR50 or the Custom Shop 50 if possible I already found a solution to their no loop problem. https://www.badcatamps.com/shop/parts-and-accessories/unleash-v2-attenuator-re-amplifier/ Attenuator wich comes really handy and you also get an external fx loop, the only problem is the price. But maybe there are other devices that do the same for a more affordable price.
  8. The most important part of the burst myth that always gets ignored: The player's that picked them up and made them sound good!
  9. Thanks Rabs!!! Jeez, I never saw Mark this way. Spoken like a true Gibson warrior. I actually liked a lot of his videos with Norman's rare Guitars, especially some Tele Thursday.
  10. Well.....Tokai, Heritage and Maybach come to my mind. I couldn't watch the video either. I don't get it, with Tokai for example the cost is amost the same, (sometimes even more expansive) specs are pretty similar. Why would someone choose it over an original?
  11. Heard it on the radio this morning. https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/sci-tech/about-us/news/do-endangered-woods-make-better-guitars Very interesting. I think I stop telling a buddy of mine that his MIM Martin is not allowed to sound that good!
  12. Very nice looking stuff! And the most important thing for me, finally Graphtech nuts!!! Nice example in this video!
  13. Nice! I only wish I had knew of the existence of those cases before buying my Fender Tweed case. The case itself is ok, but the latches are really cheap. I had problems with one of them popping open everytime I put the case on the floor.Unscrewed it, a little bending here and there and it worked again. Until the spring of the mechanism broke, yup you heard right, luckily I had a spring that fitted right into it. It was a PITA to fix. Strangely the black Fender case work's just fine, and the chrome latches even feel like they're better quality, go figure! Yours looks awesome!
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