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  1. Thanks Rabs!!! Jeez, I never saw Mark this way. Spoken like a true Gibson warrior. I actually liked a lot of his videos with Norman's rare Guitars, especially some Tele Thursday.
  2. Well.....Tokai, Heritage and Maybach come to my mind. I couldn't watch the video either. I don't get it, with Tokai for example the cost is amost the same, (sometimes even more expansive) specs are pretty similar. Why would someone choose it over an original?
  3. Heard it on the radio this morning. https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/sci-tech/about-us/news/do-endangered-woods-make-better-guitars Very interesting. I think I stop telling a buddy of mine that his MIM Martin is not allowed to sound that good!
  4. Very nice looking stuff! And the most important thing for me, finally Graphtech nuts!!! Nice example in this video!
  5. Nice! I only wish I had knew of the existence of those cases before buying my Fender Tweed case. The case itself is ok, but the latches are really cheap. I had problems with one of them popping open everytime I put the case on the floor.Unscrewed it, a little bending here and there and it worked again. Until the spring of the mechanism broke, yup you heard right, luckily I had a spring that fitted right into it. It was a PITA to fix. Strangely the black Fender case work's just fine, and the chrome latches even feel like they're better quality, go figure! Yours looks awesome!
  6. Oh come on, don't we all like to pour slippery stuff over our nuts?
  7. Sounds good, keep us updated once you tried it. I use a drop of pure mineral oil on the stock nuts of mine when I put new strings on. Works fine, on my Tele and my LPJ. Luckily the graphtech nuts don't need any lube.
  8. She's a beauty for sure! Congratz & enjoy.
  9. I have the CS 51 noCaster set in mine and love them, they have exactly the right output. Only got compliments on how nice that guitar sounds from players and non guitarists. Can go from smooth to doom, and always sound's good.
  10. Thanks man! Yeah the roller-thingie is pretty cool, even if it did hurt my eyes at first. But it is dirt cheap and works flawless. And you are lucky or smart to have a Luthier that knows his stuff. The strings on my Trad where literally buried in the slots. I only waited this long (it's a 14 model) because I didn't trust the tech's and luther's here, and didn't have the guts to do it myself. But be careful, it seems to be addictive. When you feel how well those nuts work, you want them on all of your guitars.
  11. Yup could be his, hahaha! To be true when I saw a Metallica rig rundown I was relieved: I am not alone!
  12. If I set foot in the US, it would be a great honor to see you play her at one of your gigs and hit the cymbals with her!
  13. Hey guy's, been a long time since I dropped in. Hope you are all ok. I finally had the guts (some months ago to be true) to swap the nut on my Traditional for an aged Tusq XL. The results are far better than I expected, I don't even feel the string going through the slot when tuning, smooth. Finally no more buzzing and I even lowered the action a little. It was pretty easy. The only thing that wen't a bit wrong was that even cutting carefully all the finish around the nut I still got a little chip out at one side. No big deal it isn't the first and surely won't be the last, I still remember RCT's: It's just a guitar. And becase my Strat stated to act stupid when using the vibrato I decided to do her the same favor, also added a roller string-tree. Doesn't get out of whack no matter how hard I abuse the wiggle-arm. This is what I call high performance, and black looks much nicer on that one. I strongly recomend it even if baking soda does the trick for a while this makes a huge difference over the cheap plastic nut's. Greetz to ya all.
  14. Very cool, you should feel proud of yourself.
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