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  1. And the missus, and everything else I own.
  2. Take the backplate off and look at the serial numbers on the potentiometers. Unless they've been changed, that should give you the date information. Also the square inlays on the fretboard suggest it's not a 2002 guitar to me. They stopped those and reverted to the trapezoid inlay in about 1986, as I recall. Also they started fitting the bat-wing scratchplate around the same time, yours has the small plate.
  3. I'm a little surprised that no-one has replied to my question. Does anyone from Gibson know? Or is it all lost in the mists of time and Budweiser?
  4. I'm interested to learn how many SG Customs were produced in 1973. Anyone point me in the right direction?
  5. I wish people advertising on ebay would check their spelling and grammar.
  6. Are the V Customs still being made? I missed out on a gunmetal grey one last year and kicked myself!
  7. I've just sold my Les Paul, and in it's place bought a Yamaha SG3000 in wine red. Dare I say it, but it's the best guitar I've ever had by a long margin. Sorry Henry!
  8. You could probably try some Virtuoso guitar cleaner, and polish. The cleaner gets rid of the hazy white 'bloom' that can sometimes appear when the nitro reacts with the acid in sweat. Works a treat for that, so maybe it will do so for your black marks. Nothing else I tried did any good.
  9. I think it suggests that you need to do a bit of legwork?
  10. Only in Autumn Burst, and Ocean Blue Burst. Limited editon, 350 made of each colour. Best of luck in finding one, I'm keeping mine!
  11. Yes, I wondered if it was possibly early 70's with those block inlays, although the Std's had the harmonica bridge from about 70-74. Mind you, it could have been changed of course.
  12. If I was in the market for another, I would have bought it. It's possible it has sat boxed for years, hence the condition. Do I think older Customs are under valued? Well, I have a conflict of interest because I own one! It is important to note when you look at my pistures that I wanted a BRAND NEW 1973 SG Custom, the very same as the one I used to dribble over when I saw it in the shop window when I was 14 years old. They were so expensive at the equivalent of about $700, it might as well have been a million, because there was no way I could ever have afforded to buy one. So I swore I'd get one some day, and some 36 years later, I did. I had it completely refurbished to make it like the one I always wanted. If that's heresy, I don't care, and if that's selfish in destroying the so-called antique value, I don't care either. As for the 3 pickup arrangement, for sure, it's a pain sometimes, but it's just like driving a different car: you get used to it. Do I use it? No. It hangs on my music room wall so I can admire it, just like I used to all those years ago with my nose pressed against the shop window.
  13. Doesn't sound right to me, like the other guys say, the serial number seems incorrect. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it generally is.
  14. Difficult to say for sure without the serial number, but I'm going to say 1980 - 1983 SG Standard.
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