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  1. Here's another question about the selector switch. I haven't taken off the pickguard to look, but can I turn the switch so that it is either completely up/down or side/side? Or am I stuck with it being somewhere in between the two? Would the short switchcraft selector fit in the body if I want to change it?
  2. So after a couple weeks, not very happy with the 500/496. Don't get me wrong, the guitar sounds great, feels amazing. Just not what I need. Gonna go with 57C+/57C. Also gonna go with 500k pots, orange drop and 50s wiring. Just not a shredder. I'll report back when it's done. Thanks everyone.
  3. Thanks for the input. I went away from Gibson with this guitar, put in a set of SD Whole Lotta Humbucker. Can't tell you how much it transformed this guitar. VERY happy. Pair this guitar with an OCD and it's like Angus walked in the room. Very gritty, nasty tone.
  4. How does the classic plus compare to the classic in the bridge? Also looking at pickups for my 06 explorer. Was thinking 57's for the sg, 57/57+ for the explorer. Will the tone of the 57 in the neck be very similar in the two different guitars?
  5. I play in the worship band at my church. Lots of modern stuff like Hillsong, Jesus Culture, etc. U2/coldplay tones are very popular too. For fun - 70's-90's rock. Just want something versatile - if the tone is good, doesn't matter what I play it on. Not a heavy metal guy at all, not interested in active pickups. I just love the look and feel of an explorer.
  6. Hey everybody - have a 2010 faded sg special and need pickup suggestions. 57 classics, or put a 57 classic plus in the bridge? Guitar already has 500k pots and orange drop caps - took out the pcb and had it rewired when I put in my duncans. Have a jb in the bridge, jazz in the neck. Don't mind the jazz pickup, but the jb is very nasally sounding to me. No punch at all. Thanks for the input.
  7. Hey all, new here. Just picked up a 2006 natural explorer in dead mint condition. Thinking about changing out the pickups. What does everyone like here? Don't have an issue changing pots to 500k or changing caps either. Looking at a pair of 57 classics, or 57 c in the neck, classic plus in bridge. Not opposed to burstbucker setup either, maybe BB1 in neck BB2 in bridge. But keep seeing that BB's are microphonic. Just want some suggestions. Also changing out pickups in a sg faded special. Not opposed to having same pickups in two guitars if they sound different, what are your suggesti
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