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  1. +1 for the graph tech saddles, I have. Them on all of my les ups and they make a huge difference, and you will notice the biggest tonal difference by having the tusq nut as well. It opens up the entire tone more, let's the guitar breath better. You will really dig it!!
  2. http://www.ebay.com/...=p2047675.l2557 Here's the one I was talking about but he relisted it 4 times and then took it down. http://www.ebay.com/...=p2047675.l2557
  3. you mean like this one? les paul studio gem
  4. There is one for sale right now on eBay the guy has a reserve on it, I asked how much he said 2300.00 us.If only I had the money, purple is my favorite color!!
  5. for me 1999 to 2002 standards are spec'ed perfectly. Traditional weight relief, 50's neck that feels closer to a 60's neck only a touch rounder and not as wide feeling, great QC. the stock pickups vary but I swap all my pickups to burstbuckers anyway so that doesn't matter.
  6. I personally just don't like the whole PCB board in place of 4 separate pots. If one pot fails it is much easier to change out when it is not integrated into a circuit board. if it was not on a board, and just involved soldered connecters onto standard pots I would not be against quick connect, but I do not like the circuit board, it just overly complicates everything for no good reason.
  7. I have her Sister! 2000 Les Paul Standard
  8. If it's a BB3 in the bridge you could try what i did and swap the A2 Magnet out with an A5. It turned it into an unbelievable pickup. Great punch, and growl. it makes it really hot, but you can always lower it down to take away some of the gain if you prefer.
  9. Ok I'll play along... Your Price point sounds good. Body -------------- Traditional weight relief Mahogany ( around 9lbs, no more than 2 piece ) Top ---------------- Carved Maple Neck -------------- 59 Profile Mahogany Frets -------------- Medium-Jumbo Board ------------- Ebony ( 1 Piece ) Inlays ------------- Abalone Trapezoid Binding ----------- Creme Front of Body and neck only Tuners ------------ Grover Rotomatics Nut Size --------- 1 11/16" Graphtech Tusq XL Pickups ---------- Burst Bucker 3 & 2 V/T Controls ---- 2 Volume 2 Tone 3 Way Switch, Hand wired, No PCB board!!! Finish ------------- High-Gloss Nitro Color/Spray ----- Deep Metallic Purple Solid with Black Back Pick Guard ------ Included (unmounted) Bridge ------------ TonePros Locking Nashville with Graphtech Saddles, and TonePros Locking Tailpiece Studs Nickel
  10. Well according to my tech he said the top of the nuts already has the correct radius cut, and it is really just a matter of fine filing the bottom of the nut, and a touch on the sides, he said he really didn't have to slot the nut much at all. once he sanded the bottom of the nut to get the proper height on it over all it pretty much was just small fine tuning after that. He states this is why he loves the GT nuts, because there is very little work in getting them in and set up properly, because GT does most of the work.
  11. Also if you look at a TOM you will see the curve is not in the saddles the screws are mounted in an arc on the bridge itself which matches the radius.
  12. The nut I had installed for me. was to afraid to try it myself. lol
  13. They are ready to drop and go. I have them installed on all but one of my les pauls, and that one is soon to be converted.
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