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  1. Go for it! It is a great guitar
  2. I play blues on my SG Standard with P90s. It can do funk, hard rock, indie and whatever you want to play. You might even try out some jazzy tones with your SG...it can handle it all. I love it! Now that I think about it...I never even played metal at all. I have a Marshall DSL 15C tube combo and I love the sounds that I can get with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVEI4ZwO3kM
  3. No, just a regular SG standard in ebony, but I like the look of yours
  4. Looks like a part of the Maestro Vibrola. There are some mods that some people do. Derek Truck's SG has one of those
  5. Blue George

    1st SG

    Nice guitar, it looks good. I think you will love it. On a second thought: Is it just me or the stop tail is raised quite a bit? Not sure if this is a problem though...it can easily be screwed a bit more into the body. It might just be a matter of preference.
  6. First of all, I have to say that I do have an SG Standard with P90s (2012) with a round profile and also a Les Paul Studio (2012) with a 60s neck. For the ease of playability (upper fret acces, weight) - the SG, as you already know, is awesome. My SG's neck is thicker than my Les Paul Studio's 60's neck profile, and it feels more comfortable for me. I really compared the two necks side by side and it is for sure thicker. As of the Les Paul, I have the impression that it somehow has a rounder sound and also, like Arlum said, it definitly does have more sustain, because of the construction. The Les Paul will take a bit of getting used to if you want to rock the upper frets, because it is a singlecut model, but I love it. Also, depending on the model, they have different weights. There are, as far as I know, three methods that Gibson uses in order to achieve this weight relief: chambering, traditional weight relief (Classic) and modern weight relief (Studio, Standard). There are some Les Paul models, like the custom shops/VOS and the Les Paul Traditional that have no weight relief. This being said, I couldn't live without any of those two. They are different and they both have their unique range of sounds that you can get. You should go into a music store and check some Les Pauls and some SGs and see what feels more comfortable to you and also what sound you like more. PS: I know that this picture has been posted here a couple of times
  7. I love the blue neck :D I sometimes think that mine is too black (ebony)
  8. Gibson SG Standard with P90s 2012 My first SG ever. I have to say that I love those pickups!
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