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  1. I traced back my receipt for the Stanton mixer through my emails . I bought the mixer from SCJ Audio through ebay on 26th October 2010.I'm happy to email it to you as proof of purchase if you wish to see it. SCJ Audio do not seem to be around anymore so there has to be another solution for me to get parts .What can you suggest? The cue tact switches for the mixer are only around $2 each but are specifically designed for that mixers pcb .With 1000's of different tact switches manufactured worldwide ,only Stanton can help and inform me the make & model of the tact switch replacement. Help!
  2. I've been trying to order replacement switches for the worn out cue button switches for my Stanton RM416 Mixer .I purchased the mixer from ebay usa 2 years ago from ebay & had it sent to me here in Auckland ,New Zealand. Several of the cue tact switches have worn out which is annoying as the mixer is little over 2 years old. Without the cue switches been replaced i can't listen through headphones to the channels affected. 2 channels are affected . Its important i get the parts & i can repair it myself as i'm an electronics tech. I tried getting service from the Stanton NZ dealer as recommended by Gibson usa ,but its a model he does not stock & is unable to help.Gibson usa only authorise dealers to supply parts in that part of the world the customer resides, but for many like myself purchasing through ebay is extremely common & i would have thought Gibson need to relook at the situation & way they want their products to retain a good name especially where spare parts are needed.So far, emailing Gibson service dept has proved frustrating & fruitless. 2 months back i thought i had finally suceeded in sourcing & purchasing the parts from Sonicfibre.com who debited my credit card and informed me the parts were on there way. After several weeks of waiting i followed up with an email asking "Where are my parts?" Their answer: They had not received them from their supplier for reasons unknown .Now they have refunded my credit card . So its back on the chain gang to source the parts! Wildly frustrating. If anyone here can let me know the tact switch part number & the manufacturer i may be able to source it from Newark or someone else. It is a great mixer by the way ..just needs better cue tact switches..
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